Lone Tree

This is my first movella! This is a story I wrote ages ago as part of school work. It isn't that long but I want to know how people like my style of writing, and any improvements. Its a tragic love story with a wierd twist. Please read on...


2. A New Life

Rich furs and expensive jewellery had surrounded her for most of her short but glorious life. She was surrounded by so many dolls and pets, that even the happiest person in the world would be jealous. There were a numerous number of maids, dressing and petting her wherever she went. Her parents showing her good looks and manners off to anyone who was invited to a dinner party. Yes, she led a good life, full of love and money, lots of money. Her father was a Duke of somewhere or another, he got money for doing pretty much anything. After every successful job he completed, she got another present. Ranging from the latest style of petticoats or dresses to the newest music to be played on her own special gramophone. She was happy. Then, one day when she was around 11, things started to change.


Her father had been out on a ship transporting goods over to one of the many faraway countries. Two weeks into the voyage something happened. The water turned a dark crimson, the waves started to rise and fall higher and more deadly. Then, well the ship was never seen or heard of again. People mourned for a year after the news reached them, apparently the water was still crimson when a ship passed two or three days after the disappearance, the boat still on track to wherever it had been heading, but the boat was empty, no one was on deck. It was a ghost ship, moving without any apparent objective.


From then on no money came in; her mother was forced to sell the property and all of her and her daughters lovely clothes and toys. They moved into a small two roomed cottage with only their one maid and cook to accompany them. She had to start doing her share of jobs, making her bed, dressing herself, collecting the water from the well, all the jobs of maids. No one listened to her when she complained, or even when she threw a tantrum. Her mother seemed to have suddenly aged, her back didn’t stay straight and her hair lost its original glossy colour. She always seemed to be worried. Then on her twelfth birthday, after both the maid and the cook had left forever, her mother broke the news.


“I’m sorry darling, but I can’t afford you to live with me anymore, I’m afraid you will have to become a maid and earn some money to send back here.” Her mother watched her face as it went through surprise to shock and finally to anger.

“If only father hadn’t gone and got lost, I wouldn’t have to. Please mother, don’t make me go. A maid is a job for a peasant not us.”

“But haven’t you noticed darling, the dear maid and cook have gone, we cannot afford to pay their wages any longer, and I am too old to get a job now. It will have to be you. I have already applied you for a job with a nice family called the Heffernan’s, they have 2 adorable children, who you will be looking after and one older boy who will be educated separately.”

“I will not go, you can’t make me, I…I will run away.”

“You can’t darling, you are to start work immediately, I will see you one day a year, on mother’s day when you will come home and tell me wonderful stories about living in a big house again.” Tears started to trickle down her mothers face as she passed her daughter a small bag filled with her clothes and the one thing that had not been sold, her pearl necklace. “I will get a carriage for you; use the money in the pouch inside the bag. Good luck darling and goodbye.”


A carriage was waiting outside the front door, her mother watched her get up into the back, watching her last piece of the rich life she had once led drift away. Once the carriage had turned the corner, she ran inside the house tears streaming down her face leaving wet patches on her bodice. Her daughter gone, her husband gone, alone forever.

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