Mae Goleufa

Your'll find out when you read it :D Hope u enjoy it! If i ever finish it.


1. The wave

It was a dreary day in Farafanga, Madagascar and it was raining, it was the sort of rain that seems harmless and light but soaks you to the skin within seconds of leaving the sanctity  of home. The villagers were running for shelter with their hands covering their heads. Rémi Moreau however stood looking at the sea wondering why he wasn't more upset.  Rémi was a middle aged bank manager with tuffty brown hair that failed to cover the bald spot that had taken over most of his head. His nose was short and stubby and his eyes were a acid green. This is the man who had just been fired for not doing his job, but how was he to blame for the endless rain that had keeped him awake for the last week, and now he was standing in front of the sea deciding what to do next. Tell his wife? No he couldn't do that. She had enough on her mind. He was so absorbed in self pity that he didn't notice the grotesque shape forming in the distance, that is until it was looming over the quay and then it was to late!     

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