Finding my prince

when Mikayla Immagrates to Spain, her first order of business is to find that special guy, but will it be easy and what will she do ??


1. Spain

'prepare for take off' Mikayla took a deep breath as the plane lifted into the air and soared through the sky. "Hi, I'm Mikayla," she lent over to the boy next to her he looked 19 years old as his soft blonde hair bounced to face her. "Hey, I'm Jake, you on holiday here or ??" Mikayla wasn't listening, she was just focusing on his light blue, almost turquoise eyes. "Hello ??"
"Oh sorry, uh, what did you say ? "
"Are you on holiday here or are you returning somewhere or ??"
"Oh !! I'm immigrating here from Bristol."
Mikayla and Jake were talking till the plane landed.
"where are you staying then Jake ?" asked Mikayla, hoping it was near her new home,
"Uhh, 67 Lebellcus street, you ?"
"No way !!!!! 65 Lebellcus street !!!!!! We're gonna be next door to each other !!!!!"
When they reached the houses Mikayla turned away from Jake and went to unlock her door, then Jake pulled her to himself and kissed her on the cheek, she'd never been happier.
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