Finding my prince

when Mikayla Immagrates to Spain, her first order of business is to find that special guy, but will it be easy and what will she do ??


2. Getting settled

" EEEEEEEEEE !" Mikayla locked the door behind her and started to unpack her things. Clothes, shoes, pictures, sun cream, her bunny teddy, all unpacked. she got out her phone and rang her mum, "OMG, mum ! There's this cute boy I was next to on the plane, he lives next door to me I'm in love with him and he kissed me !!!!!!"
"Oooooooo, lucky you, everything ok then? All unpacked, safe and sound?"
"yup, everything is perfect, well, I'm gonna go now and get to know my home and surroundings , bye love you !!"
Mikayla's phone rang, "hello?"
"hi, this is Jake, um, do you wanna do something tonight? I know this cool club.."
"perfect pick me up at, eight ?"
"sounds good, bye "
Both Jake and Mikayla did a silent yes when they put down the phone.
It was like Romeo and Juliet xxxxx
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