Coo Coo Clock

I saw her. I saw it. There was some sort of resemblence.


2. The Little Girl.

The little girl was still in the corner, but this time I saw her face. Her dark, shadowless eyes gloomed at me. Her pale white face, no colour, no blood running throughout it. Her silhouette- like hair, which fell lifelessly towards the ground and past her waist. Her cheeks were thin, bony, and I could see her skull through her thin, thin skin. She somehow hovered over the floor, her feet hidden by what seemed a nightgown, but I couldn't tell. Her arms hung draping by her sides. Her whole body looked sucked in, pinched, beaten.

She looked, trully, like a girl from my nightmares.

Her nightgown, and some parts of her body, looked grey and messy, dark. She, all in all, looked like a ghostly runaway, beaten and starved. She looked like she had no home, that she had no carers, no parents. Parents. Where were my parents? Were they home?! Wouldn't they of heard Euan crying if so?

I had been asking myself so many questions I hadn't realised the girl had gone, and the noise had dissapeared, drenching us in complete silence. Even Euan was quiet. By that time I had realised that when the little girl was there, there was a mysterious fog that somehow looked like it was flowing inside the room, and everything had looked darker. Euan's night- light was turned off, the cable completley ripped out of its socket. I looked down at the carpet in dismay, there were reddy brown stains all where the girl was standing, it looked like blood. Dry blood. How long was she standing there before I had come in? She was only there for about a minute when I entered. Maybe she had been watching my Brother sleep. The thought scared me.

What was I doing? Standing still in a door- frame, while I could be calling the police, my parents?! Euan looked fast asleep now, his eyes closed tightly, blanket cuddled through his arms. Why would I phone the police? Maybe it was a dream?

I had no intention of calling them and embarrasing myself over a dream.

Then again, what happens if it was real?

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