Coo Coo Clock

I saw her. I saw it. There was some sort of resemblence.


4. Searcher

I searched all around the house for Euan. He was no where to be seen. No where. Euan was missing and I would be killed for this. If my parents came home that is.

I still hadn't seen that girl. I wondered who she was. She looked like one of them creepy horror movie girls. But she looked like she was trying to tell me something. But what would she want to tell me? Was it something about Euan? Where is he?! I would ask Sandy where he was, but I couldn't, it looks like I have lost everyone. Mum, Dad and now Euan. I couldn't even phone the police as I had smashed the phone against the wall in temper.

My head really hurt. Maybe this was a dream. Could it be? No. I had to find Euan. It may be a dream, but this was the worst dream I had ever had.

Tick tock. Tick tock.

There was that sound. That clock thing! There was something strange about it. There was one in the hall, yes, and that little girl.. There is some sort of connection!

The clock! That is where she could be! I didn't want to look in the clock, at all. A little girl couldn't fit in there, it was quite small. There was a little door in the grandfather clock, the coo coo clock, as I said. And a long arm thing sat inside.

The little girl couldn't be in there. There was some sort of resemblence from her and the clock. The ticking, the darkness. But then I realised why.

I had heard a story of a little girl in a church who had been playing around and she had banged into a clock the size of a car nearly, known as the ' clock of hope'. And the clock had fallen on her, killing her instantly.

That was what happened.

The little girl ghost was from the clock and that is why it reminded me of her.

But that didn't explain about Mum, Dad and Euan.

The clock.

I crept down the hall, towards my Father's big old grandfather clock. It seemed to tick louder and louder as my Mum and Dad weren't home and it echoed down the hall in the darkness so it seemed much more frightening.

I reached out and opened the latch, the door swung open.

And three spirits swung out and fluttered round me.

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