The Boy

A little chapter about Reta, a girl who finds a boy watching her. And he has a terrible secret.


3. The secret.

I watched Dylan scurry past the woods and in and out of the trees. He stopped three times to see if anyone was there and I ducked behind a tree. I couldn't let Dylan see me, I wanted to know what he was doing outside the school. I knew I would definitely get into trouble for this, but I didn't care. Dylan was just so enchanting. There was something about him that amazed me. I really loved danger. It was like all danger just called me over to it.

I watched Dylan as he crawled into the darkness, and I couldn't see his face anymore. He had disapeared down into the darkness and it looked like he wasn't coming out.

Taking a chance, I creeped out of my hiding place behind the tree and I went to see what on Earth Dylan was up too.  I went down the hole he had gone down. It wasn't really a hole, to be honest, more of a ditch- like tunnel.

I crept down the tunnel until I reached a little ditch where I saw a figure. I quickly hid behind a sticky out piece of dirt, I knew the dirt wouldn't hide me, but it was worth a try. I saw a little creature in the corner of the ditch. There was a light shining on it, and then I realised it was just a hole in the mud where the sun gleamed through. The creature was fluffy with a round head and little paws. It looked like a rabbit or even a cat. It looked quite vicious, and it looked like the animal was hissing when Dylan bent down towards it. Why was he bending down?

The further horror continued.

Dylan picked up the kicking animal. He raised it to his mouth, and bit. He soaked his teeth and mouth in blood as he sunk them in. The rabbit or cat or whatever it was was lifeless. It no longer kicked or made a noise, or breathed. It was dead.

Dylan ripped the rest of the head off of the animal and threw it to the ground, sucking the rest of the blood out of the neck and body. I turned away after seeing the gruesomeness on his lips.

I rushed out of the ditch. I ran and ran. Then I turned back to look and luckilly, Dylan wasn't following me.

I rushed all the way until I could see the school gates, when I turned around, Dylan still wasn't coming. He wasn't behind me.

He was in- front of me.

" Where you following me?" he asked.

I shook my head.

" So why were you outside in school hours?"

" Why were you?" I asked, cocky. 

He laughed. " I know you know my secret.." he said, and he circled me as if circling prey. " What are we going to do about that?"

I didn't speak, I stayed still.

" You know, don't you?" he said.

I nodded.

I was going to die now, and I didn't care. He should be shown for what he really was, and if I get another chance, I would show him for the murderer he was.

" Go on, do it. You don't have the guts," I said.

" Oh really?" he said.

My cockiness hadn't gotten me anywhere. I guess he did have the guts to do it.

 I felt a sharp sting in my neck.

I guess it was my turn to be the prey, not the rabbit's.

Then, the last thing I heard before everything went blank, was ' I love you'. 



                                                                                             The End

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