The Boy

A little chapter about Reta, a girl who finds a boy watching her. And he has a terrible secret.


1. The Dream.

I can't get my head around it. I know he was standing there, I just don't know who he is, what he is. I thought I saw him, but it might've been just a shadow? Or was it a person? A human being. But not. It was a fantastic creature. I'm sure of it. A dark creature that can't stand the sun and needs only one gruesome thing to survive. And after they have had their little survival thing, the victim's sometimes can't survive! They take lives. They are live takers. And the horror for me was just begginging. I never knew. If I did, would I have been so stupid to enter a house with the creature of so much violence. So much. He was standing under that tree by the bridge the other day. He was. He was staring right at me and when I turned around and back again, he was gone.

I went to his house. I arrived at the door at around five. A lady with flowing blonde hair answered the door, I expected her to be his Mother. Did she have a secret too?

" Oh, hello! You must be Reta? Brandon told me he was having a very pretty girl come round to study," his Mother led the way to a room at the end of a long corridor.

" Thank you," I said, blushing at her 'pretty' comment.

I shut the door behind me and I went to sit on the bed beside Brandon. I shook my hand awkwardly and he did too, smiling sweetly. He looked so nice.

" Hey," he said.

I stayed quiet.

" Okay, let's start studying. Capitals... capitals..." he said.

His eyes looked so clear, so mystical. He really was beautiful. The dark hair, pale skin, the dark eyes. I wasn't really looking or listening to what he was saying, but I think it was something to do with Paris or France.

" Yeah," was all I was saying.

When we finished off, he showed me the way out and I left, saying ' bye' to his lovely Mother and then I shut the door behind me. I walked home in the dark, and I thought I was seeing things.

A shadow, creeping up on me, was on the wall of the shop. There was two more in the woods. And there was also a face staring at me in the underpass.

The next day, he took me into the kitchen at school, and he left the door open. I thought something would happen, something good, so I reached over to close the door. And I felt a sharp sting in my neck. A slicing pain. A stinging pain that I couldn't feel ending. I struggled, then everything went black.

I never knew if I woke up or not. I remember two holes in my neck and I woke up somewhere full of white. Was I dead? Or was I alive? I never knew.

I never knew that I was the victim that didn't survive.


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