The Boy

A little chapter about Reta, a girl who finds a boy watching her. And he has a terrible secret.


2. Pain

I never realise it was all a dream. The boy was a whole mixed up dream in my head. Was the boy real? Strangely, I hoped so. And I had never been so right.

The next day, when I had arrived at school, I heard from Moni, my friend, that there was a new boy in our school. He had dark eyes and dark hair. Apparently, three or four more girls had already tried to get in with him, and they had already been seen lurking about after him. Haha. How good looking was this boy? Turns out he looked like the boy in my dream. The boy with a secret, but it couldn't be him. It just couldn't be.

The boy, his name was known as Dylan, was in my Math class. He was oddly good at maths, very good at maths. He just kept his head down in his Math book, and he answered at least twelve questions from Mr. Moyartie.

I decided to speak to him. " Hey."

" Hi," he answered, his head still in his book, looking quite attractive.

" So, Dylan, your a new student, do you like the school?" I asked.

" You know my name? And yes, this school is good, not like anything different that I've been to."

" Yeah, I know your name, I'm Reta."

" Reta? I had a dream about a girl named Reta, haha, how long have you been going to Arendale?"

We talked for about ten minutes, Dylan going on about how he felt like he had been going through the same year in high school over and over again.


" I've never experienced going to high school, it's been Arendale all my life! So you've been to many?" I asked.

" Well, here and there. Not anything creepy," he said, with a cunning grin.

I just realised now that his eyes weren't as dark as I'd remember when I met him for the first time, they were now a misty blue. The same colour as my bedroom wallpaper. Cool.

" Your eyes?" I managed to blurt out.

He turned his face away, and changed the subject. " Mr. Moyartie won't be pleased with us talking. I'm Dylan, I have just moved here, and that's all you need to know."

I didn't reply. How dare he speak to me like that.

Sighing, I sauntered out of math class when the bell rang and thought about going to the shop for lunch. I picked up my phone which had been confiscated in Geography after texting from Miss. Hazel.

" Don't let me catch you on that again, you can have it back now, though," she said to me.

I dropped my phone in my bag and wandered out of the school gates and along the back path until I reached the shop. There was alot of lunch choices to choose from, but in the end, I settled for a messy cheese and ham sandwhich and a bottle of sports drink. I drunk my drink and ate half my sandwhich before throwing the rest in the bin, my appetite had kind of gone.

Up ahead the path, I saw a ruffle of dark hair, and a recognisable face. Dylan! So he'd come out too. He was carrying a bottle of strawberry juice or something. He turned around, as I quickly dove in behind a wall. Now it was time to see if he really was this innocent pupil I thought he was.

We both turned round a corner, on the way to school, we walked down the path, on the way to school, me following. But then instead of going through the school gates, Dylan rushed past and straight through into the woods. What? He would get in so much trouble for this.

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