Love in Immortality

Caroline is 18, well she thinks so anyway. When Caroline wakes up in a strange town, nothing is what it seems. She'll find things she could never imagine possible.


1. Waking Up

For a while, it felt like I was floating in a dark aybss. The voices reached me slowly starting with a womans.

"What are we going to do?" The woman's tone was pleading.

"We need to know what she is first," A man replied.

"Papa, she looks ill," A girl said.

"She's cold," A deep voice said.

I groaned and rolled onto my back.

"She's waking up," The woman hissed.

My eyes fluttered open, the light was bright at first then I adjusted. The room was small. The walls a pale pink, the floor a cream carpet. Four people stood in front of me. A woman in her late fourties with black greying hair, her eyes an odd brown. A man with honey blonde hair, and piercing blue eyes. A honey blonde boy, with sea green eyes, he looked around 18. Beside him a small girl with raven black hair and sea green eyes, she came up to the boys shoulder, she looked about 14.

"Who am I and were am I?" I voiced.

"This is RoseWood, we don't know who you are, I'm Alice," The girl smiled babbling slightly.

"I'm Brett," The boy said.

"I am Louis," The man added. "This is my wife, Elizabeth,"

"Hi, I'm Caroline," I said much to my surprise.

"You know your name?" Brett frowned.

"Apparently so," I nodded.

I looked around the room again, I caught my reflection in a full length mirror. My pale blonde hair was tied back in a braid, my grey eyes were cloudy. I took in my face, my lips were full and a deep red. I was pale almost white, I had a heart shaped face and thin eyebrows. I had a side fringe swooping to the right. My white dress was wrinkled and I was wearing white flats. It was if I was getting ready to go to a party.

"What am I?"


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