Damn to hell!

When every women trows themselves at your feet, you feel happy and content. Then one they you see a boy walking and you catch his eyes and everything is suddenly only him, what do you do? Fight it or embrace it.

This is a slash story, meaning boy+boy, dont like dont read!


8. Shelter


When I woke up 7 o’clock the day I was gonna start school, the sense of calm washed over me. The week after my attack I had spent talking with my mom, knowing everything there was to know and it was maybe the best week of my life.

I stood up from the bed and enjoyed the smell of food when I opened the door to the hallway. The smell of bacon and eggs lured me straight down to the kitchen, before I even got my clothes on. All the food was ready on the table and ready to be devoured. There were eggs, bacon, toast with butter and apple juice. Everything I loved in a breakfast. A small gasped came from behind me and I quickly turned around and got my mom staring at my body before bursting in tears, she slide onto her knees and cried in anger and sorrow. “Mom?... What’s wrong?... Did something happen?!” I was scared and totally confused about her reaction. She cried out and pointed with a shaky finger at my body. I quickly looked down and saw why she reacted like she did.

All over my fine white skin were bruises from hands, the yellow, blue and red spots stood out clearly against my skin. They had been getting better over the past week, so they were slowly fading on the sides.

It was the first time after the attack that she had seen me naked. I gently pulled her to her feet and put my hands on each side of her face, so she couldn’t hide from me. But she kept her eyes from me, always looking left or right. “Mom!” I startled her, her eyes now looked straight at me. She wasn’t going to like this, but she needed to hear it.

“ I’m okay, these markings are going to fade, but I am sorry mom, I am never going to forget what was so close to happening. I was almost raped, because you were in deep shit!”

She flinched at this, but I kept going on.

 “I think that I have forgiving you, but I am not sure just yet. Could you just give me some time?” It almost sounded like I was begging maybe I was and I really shouldn’t, she should be begging me.

“Baby, I am really truly sorry… I am the worst mother in the history of mothers…” She trailed of and didn’t say anything when I didn’t respond to it.

“Well…. I’ll give you all the time you need and then we will see what happens from there, okay?” I nodded at this and smiled.

“I am going upstairs to take a bath and put some clothes on, can you keep the food warm for me until I return?” She nodded and smiled, before she kissed me on the cheek.

I practically ran up the stairs to turn on the shower, seriously you haven’t tried anything before you have taken a bath after have been standing in a cold tiled kitchen. The bath took about 10 min and putting on some clothes less. I had decided for a normal pair of jeans that hugged my butt, not that anyone was going to take notice and a baby blue shirt. Both were worn, but I loved my shirt!

I packed my bag, ran downstairs and ate the food maybe quicker than I should have done. I don’t know, but I was impatient to get to school and that was something I never! EVER! was. But it was like there was something pulling me, something that was important in school. It wasn’t the teachers or anything ordinary like that, this was a feeling like seeing the person you were meant to be with.

My friends, if I had any, would call me a romantic, a person that believed in the “love at first sight” thing and I did. Some of my favorite movies were; The notebook, A walk to remember and movies like that. I loved the story about a boy falling deeply in love with someone who wasn’t in his “league”, someone that was rich and meant to follow the norms of what her parents says. I wanted what they had, movie or not and at the same time I knew it wasn’t going to happen.

I looked at the clock and nearly kicked myself; I was late and had to hurry to catch the school bus.

I quickly ran through the house and hauled my jacket of the rag before shouting over my back to my mom. The pathway, that went from my house and out to the bus wasn’t long and it was only scary at night, but suddenly I had a weird feeling like there was someone watching me. And the other weird thing was, I wasn’t scared at all. It was like I knew that it was there to protect me. Suddenly the thing moved and grey fur came to view, it shimmered like silver and was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

I stepped back scared that it would notice me, I was so scared that I didn’t see where I was going and because of the stepped on a twig that snapped. A pair of golden eyes locked onto mine and I stood completely frozen. I wasn’t scared, actually not at all. A tingling began in my spine and travelled all around my body. Instead of walking away it came closer, into the light and now I saw that it was a big ass wolf. It was nearly the size of a horse and its shoulder was in the same height as my head and I was still not scared.

It came closer until it was only a couple of feet from me, it just looked at me and something said to me that this beautiful beast was male and yet he didn’t seem territorial or angry. I let my backpack fall gently to the ground and it landed with a small thud. He didn’t move a muscle; he just kept looking at me like he wished to devour me. It wasn’t that kind of meal you’ll think, but like the thing you saw in Noah’s eyes when he saw Allie for the first time naked in The Notebook or when Jack from Titanic looked at Rose through his trance when he painted her.

Suddenly he started moving towards me, in slow movements to ensure that I wasn’t going to scream and run away, but that was the last thing on my mind. The sun hit his fur perfectly and it shined and shimmered beautifully, I could for the life of me not look away. He started to sit down and then slowly put his gigantic head on his front paws, letting himself seem smaller, not that it helped much. He was less than 2 feet from me now, so close that I could feel small puffs of air every time he breathed. Carefully and slow I got on my knees and reached out to him.

His eyes followed my hands every movement, until he raised his head and connected it with my hand.

The electricity that shot through my hand, went straight to my heart and something in me said that this beast was important. Important to me in some kind of way. It was strange having feelings like that to a beast most normal humans would run away from.

I gently ran my hand through is soft fur, loving the texture and the feeling of having my hand on something so dangerous and beautiful.

I put both of my hands on the sides of his gigantic face and put his forehead to mine. A low purring came from him, almost like from a giant cat. The sound was soft and calming.

“You are so beautiful” And it suited so well saying that to him, because he was the most magnificent and beautiful creature I had ever seen. His eyes, that were closed, opened at my words and looked at me with an almost human stare. I thought that I had seen those eyes before; they were a deep chocolate brown rich with flacks of gold and green.

Suddenly a low growling sound came out and he yanked his head away from me and glared at something behind me with his teeth showing, I looked behind me and saw my mom working in the kitchen. She hadn’t seen either of us.

I suddenly got scared, don’t ask me why but there was something in his eyes that scared the crap out of me. He showed his fangs that was the size of a huge knife and then started walking towards my mom. I stood dumbstruck a second before moving into action. I placed myself right in front of him.

“Stop, don’t come near my mom!!!” I screamed at him, he stopped as soon as he heard my voice. The huge brown eyes looked at me and then he just snorted, it was the funniest sound I had ever heard.

“It’s okay; she is not going to do anything to me. I promise, if she does I know who to call, right” I just knew that if she tried anything again, he would be there. Strange thing to have such a connection with an animal you usually run from.  

I kept my voice low and calm and he smiled at the last statement, to assure me that I could get him anytime I wanted!.. But I swear to God that that gigantic beast fucking smiled… Forget all about the snort, seeing a big ass wolf smiling was freaking hilarious. A giggle escaped my mouth that grew to a huge laughing fit. I clutched my tummy and laughed harder. He shoke his head like he thought that I was an idiot, and then ever so gently licked my cheek. I blushed furiously and held my hand to the place where he had touched me.

A low sound came through the trees.

“Shit” I quickly took my back and gave the wolf a small kiss on top of its head. “I’m sorry sweety, but I’m going to miss my bus if I don’t go now okay?” He let out a small whine, like he didn’t want me to go. I wanted to stay, I would really prefer not to be bullied again, but what could I do? I need school to get away.

I quickly turned my back on him and began to run down the path to the bus, I looked back once and he was already gone.

The bus ride was quiet, that kind of quiet where you are close to just falling asleep. But I didn’t even relax, because I was still thinking about the animal. Then suddenly my thoughts were stopped by two girls that stood in the middle of the hallway, because there wasn’t any place elsewhere. They talked loudly together, they didn’t care one bit that people around them was glaring at them.

One of them was tall, much taller than me. She had long brown hair that cascaded down her back; her big brown eyes glowed with laughter, when her smaller friend said something about a “one-night-stand”. The smaller girl had short brown that curled like a dolls around her face making her look both older and younger. Her green eyes showed compassion when she gestured to where I was sitting and before I knew the two girls had moved down to me.

The one with the green eyes had something motherly about her even though she hadn’t said anything yet.

“Hey, you’re Aaron, right?” her voice was soft, like she was afraid of scaring me. Her friend was holding a hand on her shoulder, reassuring her that she was right beside her. I wished that I had that kind of friendship, but I didn’t have one single friend. I could feel how my face fell, and tears slowly came to the surface. Okay, I was clearly not ready to go to school again. I shut my eyes trying to keep the tears and sobs inside that threated to escape from me, when I felt a couple of warm arms surround me.

“It’s okay; we’ll be with you now”

I didn’t understand it at all. Why would two girls, who clearly didn’t need more than just the two of them, want me?

“Someone wants us to look after you and believe when I say that we WANT to help you, and I am so sorry that we didn’t see it before now. You need someone to look after you and we can do that. We are going to be the best of friends!” It was the small one with the curly hair who had spoken and I must have looked confused because then the other one started talking.

“Melia! God dammit! You are scaring the crap out of him! Jesus!” She shoke her head at the girl, Melia, and sighed before pointing the brown eyes at me.

“Sweetheart, I know this sounds a bit strange but some of our friends asked us to look after and help you during school. And I’m sorry that I can’t tell you who it is because that person wants to tell you will only tell you when the time is right.”

She grinned and said under her breath; “When he has got the nuts to tell it, that pussy!”

I was chocked to say the least; someone was trying to protect me. Someone had said to their friends, who had the same schedule like me, which I found out about when they started arguing about who were going to sit beside me in every class, that they had to be with me and look after me. That was new. Someone actually cared, and after what she said it was a boy who did. I wished I knew who it was. I didn’t know anyone on the school, so it was really hard to think about who it was. The two girls kept on looking at me without the modesty to look away sometimes; suddenly I knew where I had seen them before. They were together with Paul and his gang of muscled studs; they were the only girls ever in contact with them.

Suddenly I was pulled out of my thoughts when the bus stopped.

“Are you coming? We have English right now, so we are going to be with that witch Mrs. Wesley! I really truly utterly believe she hates me! Maybe I should get Pau… Aw Mai why did you do that!? That freaking hurt!” Melia screamed in agony when Mai punched her in her arm. I perked up when I heard the name, but then just fell down again. Who wants to be with someone who is broken and ugly? Nobody, that’s who!

“Now com on sweetheart, you are not going to be late whether she likes you or not” Mai placed a soft kiss on the top of Melia’s head and smiled softly before getting out of the bus. Melia smiled with so much motherly love at me, which my mom couldn’t even compete with.

“Now come on lazy boy, get your ass going and the words flowing.” She started laughing hard and in between breath she forced words out. “ OMG I am so freaking funny!” Finally I couldn’t hold back my laugh anymore and I doubled over at laughed louder than I had done I years. Tears ran down my face, but I wasn’t sure if it was happy or sad tears.

“Sweetie what’s wrong? Did I do something?” Melia’s face showed nothing but concern, her green eyes glazy with understanding. She knew something. “No nothing just glad to actually have some friends, I’ve never had that before.”

She smiled softly; “Of course we are gonna be friends” Melia winked and practically shouted when she looked at her white cell. “Come on! We are going to be late if we don’t hurry!”


The day was actually painless, at lunch I sat with Melia and Mai and you haven’t had fun before sitting with those two. They talked nonstop all the time, when they first started you couldn’t get them to shut up. But when I talked they listened, they would both look at me and listened to every word I would say. I didn’t talk much about myself, but we talked about everything. The weird part was that they knew, they knew that I was gay. I didn’t think that I was that obvious, but they saved my life by saying that it didn’t matter and started talking about the hot guys from Glee and True blood. I nearly scream when Melia said Supernatural and said that Dean and Sam was some of the hottest guys that ever lived on our planet.  The whole lunch break was about hot guys, talk about “YES thank you God!” Best fucking lunch break ever!

It was all good, close to perfect, until gym started. The only good thing was that Paul was in that class and some of his friends were too. Not that I ever had spoken to them or him for that matter, when they were together it was like they were in their own little bubble, their own world. How many times had I not wished that it was me that also was a part of that? So many times that I couldn’t even count it, but then again not many of my wishes came true.

In the changing room, just before the class started, I made sure that I was quick and didn’t look up the entire time. Not even when I heard Paul come in, his laughter was loud and infectious when he kicked one of his friends. I thought that someone was looking at me sometimes, but every time I looked up there was no one looking. Just my imagination, right?

The gym class was horrible, because when I took my clothes off everyone started talking about me, saying that the little fag finally had been beaten. I really tried to keep in my tears, believe me, but it was so hard. I hurt so much that I could barely think when I was pulled out of my thoughts by an angry voice.

“Fucking idiots! Shut the fuck up! Would’ya?! Fucking pissing me off listening to a bunch of sissies!” Paul’s voice was so loud that nearly the walls shoke from its force, he stood with his legs a shoulder width apart with his fist clenching and unclenching at his sides. A trembling ran through his body, making him seem like there was a blur around him. A tall boy, at least 6, 6, he was a little taller than Paul, but not by much. He put a hand on Paul’s shoulder trying to get him to relax, but he forced it off his shoulder and advanced at my tormentors. Suddenly one of them, that was trying to get away, bumped into me. It was not that hard a bump, but my body was still sore from the attack and hurried away and slammed into a locker. The noise it made got everyone to look at me and I tried my best to seem smaller than I was, but their eyes were still locked at my frail form. Paul was also watching now and I started shaking from fear. I didn’t want him to look at me, not when I was so broken, so shattered. But my eyes were forced to look into his and everything seemed to disappear. He was the only thing that mattered, because what I saw in about 2 seconds was lust, anger and something else. Something that was so well hidden in the back and even if I had a lifetime I couldn’t see it. He relaxed his stance when he saw me and even my tormentors were relaxed. I was the only one that wasn’t.

Under his breath a small, but forceful; “get out” came. Suddenly there was movement everywhere; all of them were gone in a second.

“Are you okay? I’m sorry if I scared you?” The last statement was more of a question and I shoke my head to answer “no”. He came slowly towards me, like he was scared that he had actually scared me. I still stood huddled up in my corner, my shirt still clenched in my hands. Paul ran a hand up my arm, only the tips touching my skin, but my body was suddenly aflame. His hands were so warm, so unbelievable hot. I gasped quietly, when his hands reached my face. He forced me to look into his eyes; he was so close that if I just moved a little bit my lips would touch his.

His hands on my cheeks were suddenly forcing me forward and my lips touched his. I whimpered and put my hands on his sides and melted into his arms. Paul’s muscles moved under my fingertips, trembling with each shuddering breath. He kissed me gentle, but insistent showing just who was in charge. His kiss turned opened mouthed, then harder and more passionate. His tongue flicked against my lips and a shock ran though my body and I shuddered and parted my lips to let him in. Our tongues intertwined his pushing and dominating mine. His hands came around my back to my ass pressing our lower parts together, making me moan and whine while he kissed me even harder. One of his hands moved my hair, messing it up and pressing his face firmer to mine.

Suddenly the heat from his body was gone and I whimpered from the loss. He looked kinda scared and embarrassed when our teacher came through the door and toke one look at us and made a disgusted face.

“Get dressed and get out the on field! Now!”

We hurried us and not even once, in the entire class, did Paul look at me, not even once.


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