Damn to hell!

When every women trows themselves at your feet, you feel happy and content. Then one they you see a boy walking and you catch his eyes and everything is suddenly only him, what do you do? Fight it or embrace it.

This is a slash story, meaning boy+boy, dont like dont read!


9. Ready

Paul’s P.O.V

God I hated him to be all alone with that woman, he didn’t deserve any of that. After that night, everything seemed pointless because I didn’t see his face, which was weird since I hadn’t even talked to him. I did though watch him every night, just keeping an eye on him for safety purposes only of course. I even had I place to be when I came at exactly 12 at night, when the lights in his room would turn off and the only lights would be from his mom that was still up. See would sit on the front porch like she was waiting on something and then maybe 15 min after I had showed up, she would go inside. She was a lot smarter than I first thought, because she knew.

One day when I had laid me on my spot, she came out. Sitting like she usually did, but this time she walked all the way out so that she was about 4 or 5 feet away from me. I was alarmed that she would see me, but I was utterly choked when she started talking.

“I know that you are out there, I’m not blind! Jeesh! Thinking that I can’t see a wolf the size of a freaking horse, dumbass!”

She grinned while she said is but I was still so close to pissing on the ground, she knew that I was there. What if she had something against me? And how did she know that I wasn’t dangerous to her? It wasn’t every day that you would meet a wolf that size, and she just stood there proud with her head held high. Her golden hair, which had the same color as my baby’s, flowed around her in the wind. Her small frail body was packed with clothes, there was nothing that could protect her if I decided to attack her, but she still just stood there. “I just want to say that I appreciate that you are looking after my son, that you are keeping him safe. I know that I have been the worst mother in the history of bad mothers, but I’m trying to do well.” Small tears began to drip down her cheeks; she quickly stopped them with her hands and sniffed.

“I’m so sorry for all I did to him, he didn’t do anything wrong. I was the mess, the big fiasco, a bitch!” She started to cry harder, her hands covered her mouth while she wailed and cried.  I slowly stood up and walked out to her. She didn’t flinch one bit when I put my head on her shoulder, comforting her. She surprised me when she through her hand round my neck, and squeezed her small body into my huge furry one.

She pulled back so she was in front of me again and in a small frail voice she said; “Thank you Paul” She smiled so sweetly and first after 5 seconds sank her words into my brain. She knew my name, she knew who I was.

What the!? How the hell did she know who I was!? And besides that why wasn’t see scared of me? Normal human beings would put their tails between their legs and run for it. She didn’t.

While those thoughts were running through my head, she was already standing at the front porch and saying under her breath; “keep looking after Aaron for me, would’ya?” I made a small woof and nodded. She smiled and then went inside and turned off all the lights in the house.

I had to talk to Sam about her; she knew much more that she should. And how the hell did she know about us wolves.

I was woken by the sun shining through the trees, leaving a thin sun trail just over my eyes and nose. I snorted and stood up, and started sniffing around the house, to see if there had been anyone there while I slept. Of course the whole house was clear and not even a fox had been close, too scared to piss of the big scary wolf. 

At some point during the night I had fallen asleep, the nights were I had been watching every single little movement didn’t do anything good for my sleep. But I had to look after him; I was still scared shitless that the men would come back and take him away from me, that I would be away and couldn’t save him, that I would find him broken and dead.

The nightmares that sometimes came when I had fallen asleep, was so bloody and terrifying that when I had woken up in cold sweat that poured through my fur, I always ran rapidly to his window and listened to his heartbeat. When his heartbeat reached my ears everything was perfect again, except I wasn’t near him in that meaning that I could touch him.

God, I missed his small delicate form and light skin, so contrasting to my own dark scared skin. I missed his soft skin that had an almost flower fragrance to it. So sweet and mouthwatering, I just wanted to sink my fangs into his skin and leave my mark there and then everyone could see that I was mine. Nobody dared to touch what was mine, because they knew I could beat their asses and would have no regret about. I lived by one rule; don’t fuck with what was mine. If someone as much as touched my car, they would expect a beating of a lifetime. But the man that attacked my baby was lucky. God, I still wished that I killed him, because there was someone wrong with him. That thing he had on his face reminded me of something I had seen somewhere on the news. Something was seriously wrong with him, those guns they had was something you only saw in action movies with Bruce Willis or something like that. If I didn’t know that I could fight and win over them, then I wouldn’t even had come anywhere near them and that was something that never happened.

While I thought about them I suddenly heard a low crunching sound behind me, a low breathing crept slowly towards me. Something big was behind me, ready to attack, but before it had taking another breath, I had turned around and pinned the thing to the ground.

“Seth! God dammit! You don’t sneak up behind a wolf!”

The only thing that stupid pup did was make a weird sound in the back of his throat that indicated that he laughed. Bad idea to be laughing whiles you are under an irritated wolf, but before I could snap at him I thought about what me and Jake had talked about. It would kill him and me for that matter is anything happened to Seth. I would get my ass handed to me on a silver platter.

I quickly backed away and sat back down and just looked at him, waiting to hear why he was at Aaron’s house.

“Yo Paul! Sup’”

His face was spilt in a giant grin, I huffed at the weird language, but didn’t say anything.

“Ya know, Sam wants you to come home. Emily made breakfast for all of us, and we have to be back at school tomorrow. Ya know how Sam is going to be if we don’t go. I think he’ll skin us, and use our fur as blankets or maybe something like a carpet. I wanna be a blanket, if I had to choose!” He made a pouty face. “I don’t wanna be a carpet”

“Okay okay! God Seth breath, no one can follow you when you talk so fast.” I grinned at him and a big smiled formed on his face. I could see now why Jake had imprinted on him; he had one of the most genuine smiles I had ever seen.  You know, that kind where you would smile even though you were sad. He had nothing on my baby though.

“Oh and keep to the subject, okay pup?” I could never be mean or anything to Seth, he was like a little brother.

“Don’t call me pup!” He growled, but when he did it it sounded more like a cat-like purr, than a wolf growl.

“Yeah, yeah! Whatever”.

I couldn’t for the love of god stop laughing at him; he was so damn cute when he wrinkled his nose like that. Shit, I was turning gay. Funny that imprinting could be like that, it was kinda weird. Thank god I was good at keeping my thoughts to myself, or I would be in a hell of trouble. Jake would kill me with no remorse.

“Should we get going, pup?”

He growled again at the word, but then just turned around and trotted to Sam’s house.

“You’re a dick”

A small clear fact that I couldn’t deny.

The smell of bacon, bread and freshly baked muffins, came drifting out of the window. My mouth watered and slobber dripped from my tongue. Seth laughed at me before changing to human. I quickly looked away and changed too. Just on the steps to the house were there a couple a cut-offs, clean and ready to wear. I loved when Emily just knew what to do to help us, even if it only was little thing like putting out clothes to when we changed.

There were shouting and yelling inside the house. Me and Seth looked at each other then rolled our eyes, those sounds only meant one thing.  

Jared had more food than he should have taken and Jake, Sam and Quil wanted to kill him for it.

When we came inside, they all practically stood on the table screaming at each other like a couple of hormone filled teens.

“Shit you fuckers, sit down! I want to eat!” I screamed even though I properly shouldn’t since Sam was glaring at me.

“Shut up Paul, you idiot!” Sam growled at me and I ducked my head in submission. Damn alpha. I scowled at Sam and said nothing until Emily came with plates full of food.

“Here you go sweetheart, dig in and enjoy. I saved you some from those animals over there!” She made a little movement with her head towards the others who were still yelling.

“Thanks, Em. Looks great like always and smells even better” I smiled at her and dug into the food.

I loved Emily like a mother, because she treated us like her sons. Sometimes she would even say that we were her boys. The reason why I loved her like I did was because my own mother left me when I was only 5. I didn’t remember very much about her so it didn’t really matter that much, but still not having a loving parent could take a toll on even the strongest child. My father wasn’t much better because when I turned 16 he just left and didn’t come back. I was left alone, but I was used to that because he would always be drunk and only come near me when I had to get more beer from the store. He knew I couldn’t buy, but that didn’t hold him from beating me when I came home with nothing. I was fucking glad when he left. At that time I was too small to fight back, now I know that if he would ever come back again I he wouldn’t just walk away.

He would be in an ambulance.

So now I lived all alone in a big house which I didn’t even had to pay for because the house was something my father build when my mother was pregnant with me.

“Hey are you all ready to school?” Sam said, while looking at us. Emily was standing by his side as usual, with a hand on his shoulder.

I shoke my head and said; “No I wanna go home first to take a bath. I fucking stink!”

Everybody laughed and made gagging noises like the smell was so strong that is made them sick.

“Good idea, we don’t want your imprint to get sick when he smells you!” Quil laughed loudly at his own stupid joke, but he didn’t laugh when I punched him so hard that blood dripped from his nose.

“Shut up you fucking moron!” The rage rose in me and I couldn’t control it. I started growling like a mad man, trying the let the rage out through noise.

“Paul, pull yourself together! You can’t get close to Aaron if you act like that, you could hurt him!” All the rage just disappeared like air from a car tire. Jake stood right in front of me, putting his hand on my shoulder and everything just calmed.

“Shit Quil, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, just don’t do it again. But seriously, I’m gonna lose my nose if you are going to keep that up”

It was so typical Quil to make a joke out of it. That must have been the 50 time I had hit him, maybe more. Other people would have hit back, but he didn’t. He was so calm and collected´. Everything I wasn’t.

“Come on Paul, it is okay, it’ll heal in no time. I can’t stand it if you keep giving me that face”. Quil had put his hands on my shoulder and just looked me straight in the eyes. The nose was already healed and he smiled ever so gently.

“Sorry man, I won’t do it again”

“Ooh shut up dude, you know you are gonna do it again and again and again… Auh! Shit that hurt, Jake goddammit!”

Jake had thrown a good punch from the side and laughed big and loud when his fist had connected with Quil’s shoulder. Everybody started laughing and all cleared again.

Damn I loved it when everything was picture perfect; the only thing that could have got it better was if Aaron stood right beside me, laughing with me and my family.


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