Damn to hell!

When every women trows themselves at your feet, you feel happy and content. Then one they you see a boy walking and you catch his eyes and everything is suddenly only him, what do you do? Fight it or embrace it.

This is a slash story, meaning boy+boy, dont like dont read!


1. Imprint


Every day was the same, so fucking boring. The classes were the same and the girls were too. 

I was walking home from school in the reservation one day. It was actually great weather so why sit inside a car, even if it was my baby girl. I seriously loved my car. She is an old model Camaro; old and sexy as shit, better than most the girls in the reservation. She’s yellow with black stripes covering the hood, she was a gift from my mother before she died and I treasure that car with my whole heart. I was walking with long strides down the heavy forest green path blocking everything out, trying just to listen to the sounds of the forest, when I heard the giggling from a couple of girls. They were ogling me big time; it kinda pissed me of. What were they doing here anyway? This is my place, no one but me came here. I started growling at them, trying to scare them off. It helped big time. They heard the growling and started walking very fast down the road, far away from me.

But hey can’t blame them for looking at me, I’m a fucking hot guy.

I was one of those kinds of guys who just happened to be like that everyone wants to be. I’m not even kidding. I’m built big, with strong arms and muscular body. I could without any problem kill a man and I was only 18 that time. Okay maybe I was a little full of myself, but when you have 100 of women throwing themselves at you, you get a little full. I had had my share of women over the years, but every time there was something missing. Something important.

Now don’t you even think about calling me a girl, I can still beat your ass. Every single time I was with somebody my mind would begin to wonder off; making fantasies about other people but the weird thing about them was that they weren’t women. They were boys; especially one special came again each time. A blue eyed boy with wavy dirty blonde hair. He had a kinda of girly aura to him, but under the innocent appearance something sexy and dangerous. Every time I began to think down those paths, I would try looking at those huge bouncing breasts jumping up and down in front of my face.  But the body beneath me would always change into something complete opposite.

Well there is one thing that is very important and that is my brothers and sister, I have a few of them. And the reason for that is that I’m not normal, I’m not totally human. I’m a shape shifter. Most people call us werewolves. That’s the reason why we grow so fast, our strength, our bodies’ heat and when we break something, like a bone we heal more quickly than a normal person.

To keep a long story short. You know all those stories with werewolves and vampires? Well they are all true. When a vampire comes close to our home, the reservation, it triggers something inside of us. Our blood starts boiling and tickling feeling slides down our spines, changing us. We are all from an old clan called The Quileute Tribe. I think it was 50 years ago or so, when a tribe of vampires came to our town and made a pact with our leader. It was so much shit they fired of that night, so I actually didn’t listen after that. But then I changed, just because of those fucking bloodsuckers. It’s always good to know that now that I can kill those freaks.

Shit talking to much about myself now, not good. Wes should be getting back to the more important things

Just over on the other side of the road, there was a boy caring loads of books. You should have seen him. He was so perfect in every little way, from his big blue eyes and fine dark hair, till his small frame. He was more delicate and beautiful then any girl I have ever seen.

I shouldn’t think like that! Jesus he was a GUY! How could I think that about a GUY!

But then he suddenly dropped all the books and I just stood there and watched him, when I suddenly moved into action. I walked a steady rhythm to him. I couldn’t just walk away, could I?  He looked at me with the biggest eyes I have ever seen, there was tears slowly coming to surface. Suddenly my whole world was him, nothing else mattered, only him. Those eyes kept me here on this planet. It was like everything/everyone had a string attached to them and now, it was just cut through with a knife, and they were all attached to that boy till the day that I couldn’t breathe.

Suddenly a lonely tear slowly made its way down his cheek; I couldn’t stop my thump from removing the tear. His skin was so soft, almost like velvet under my fingers. I heard him gasp with surprise, when I looked him straight in the eyes. I saw the shock when I brought the tear up to my lips and licked it clean. It actually tasted sweet, like cherries, fresh and delicious. I suddenly realized what I had done, which kind of man does that to a boy? I couldn’t get away fast enough, afraid of doing more than just touch his cheek. I would do a lot more than that.

I shouted straight to his face “sorry” and ran away as fast as I could, away from him.

I didn’t just do THAT!?

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