Damn to hell!

When every women trows themselves at your feet, you feel happy and content. Then one they you see a boy walking and you catch his eyes and everything is suddenly only him, what do you do? Fight it or embrace it.

This is a slash story, meaning boy+boy, dont like dont read!


3. Fright


Oh my fucking god! I’m such a fucking moron!” I couldn’t stop thinking that. It was the same stupid phrase over and over inside my head, just mocking me. Like saying I was a stupid coward who couldn’t even help the boy he had falling I love with. Oh shit! I’m in love with him!? How the hell could I be that!? I didn’t even know his name, but I was going to find out, for sure. Just to touch him again. Just to feel that velvet soft skin under my fingers.

When I went out that night for my shift, apparently Jacob was there too. Jake is the one who has fallen in love with Bella, a girl who also was deeply in love with one of those disgusting things. Now I kinda knew I what he was feeling, but as far as I knew his mind wasn’t totally all about her. Well maybe it sometimes was.

Mine was, about him, all the frigging time. I was seriously going crazy, already, and it had only been like 10 hours ago.

 Suddenly a vision of him, with his eyes glossy and full of lust came to my mind. His legs wide with his most private body part begging for attention and from his sweet mouth came pleas of release. 

Jake sudden looked at me, shocked and with wide eyes full of questions I didn’t have to courage to answer.

 “Oh shit! Jake! Stay out of my head!”

“Dude? You’re in love with a boy??” Jake tilted his head to the side and just kept looking.

“No! I’m… I… Seriously Jake! What’s wrong with me? It’s like my whole world suddenly his just about him and I don’t even know him” I knew I looked like an idiot, a gay idiot. Oh fuck!

He looked at me again this time with an understanding look. How could he understand anything? Again he just looked at me.

“Paul, we need to talk to Sam” “Hell no! Are you serious? No one else can know! Nobody!” “The way you think about him, is something you can’t hide that from the others, ya know?” “No, but I can fucking try! You are not going to say anything, because if you do I’m gonna fucking bite your ass off” I could feel the rage coming up, blocking away any common sense I had, when I suddenly could hear a voice, full of command. “Jacob! Paul! We need to talk. Come here now!” Sam voice pulled every piece of rage out of me; I couldn’t do anything to fight against it. Jake looked at me with sad eyes, shook his giant head and ran off towards Sam. He never had the problems we other wolves had, when it came to Sam. He didn’t lower his head to show submission like we did. Lucky idiot was born alpha wolf, he could fight against Sam if it was what he wanted.

Sam called one more time.

I whimpered. I hated it when Sam came in the middle of it all, especially when I was trying to talk with someone.

I became to run the same way as Jake and quickly I was right beside him. We didn’t talk at all; because I was scared shitless that Sam knew anything.

Seriously? Did he just listen to my conversation? And even without my consent? Oh my God, I can’t do this! Suddenly all logical thought went straight through the roof and I was trying to run off, every piece of me screamed; run! But from the sides came Embry and Quil, shielding me so that I couldn’t run away. Jared came running right behind me, so I couldn’t just turn around. They were guiding me to Sam, to make sure I wouldn’t run away. They knew something was wrong.

“It’s okay Paul! Everything is gonna be okay”

Quil’s voice filled my head, trying to sooth me, trying to get me calm. I wasn’t calm, actually not at all, and tried to run off, but they were right at my tail. I wasn’t usually one of them that ran off when things got bad, but the thought of talking to them, their eyes full of disgust over me, I just couldn’t take it.

“Paul! Help me! Please help me!”

I stopped and started to look around to see the person who said that. The person sounded so afraid, so terrified and scared out of his mind. I didn’t recognize the voice, but something said that the person was very important, or at least was gonna be at some point. Don’t ask me where I got that feeling from, I just did. Quil and Embry had stopped too, but only to look at me, with questions written all over their faces.

“Paul, man? What’s wrong?”

Embry looked at me, but saw that I was just as confused as he was.

“Embry? Sam? Help me! Something is fucking wrong! And I don’t know what?”

A wolf the size of a horse came running, his fur was dark-brown almost black. That giant thing was our fearless leader Sam Uley.

“Paul? What’s wrong? Did you imprint on somebody?”

“There was someone in my head screaming for help! He was calling my name! Hold on! Wait… what? Imprint?”

“Shit! I forgot to tell you guys about it.

He sighed, a funny thing when it was a giant wolf doing it. He suddenly looked like a gigantic weight was lifted of his shoulders. I had been in the pack for some time now, but I had never heard the word imprint. I knew that Sam and Emily’s relationship was something special, most of the time when we were wolves Sam’s mind would be about Emily and that involved sex scenes too. Not nice pictures to have in your head. His shouted again so we all were focused again.

“All of you listen!” He shook his head and looked at each one of us. “Imprinting is a part of our wolf genes; we connect with the person we are meant to be with, our soul mate. When we imprint nothing else matters than that person, you would do anything for that person. That’s what I got with Emily”

It was making sense, all of it. He was my lifeline now, that one single thing that was holding me to earth.  Shit! Something was suddenly very clear to me. He was in danger, I had to save him.

Then something so painful that I couldn’t describe, it started. It started in my heart and spread like tentacles through my whole body and then it got so bad, that everything went black. I could only barley hear the other pack members whine from the pain they could sense from me, but I could just think of him.

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