Damn to hell!

When every women trows themselves at your feet, you feel happy and content. Then one they you see a boy walking and you catch his eyes and everything is suddenly only him, what do you do? Fight it or embrace it.

This is a slash story, meaning boy+boy, dont like dont read!


10. Don't mess with me!

Paul`s P.O.V:

Right after breakfast I went home and took the long awaited shower. Shit, a hot shower was the best thing in the entire world, if only Aaron had been with me. Right now he was properly at home getting ready for school.

I could picture his small form walking slowly from his bed, while his tousled hair was standing all over the place.

I could picture his mouth turning into a small adorable “o” while yawning loudly.

Then the picture of him standing under his shower got into my head

Standing under the spray with the warm water hitting my back was so relaxing that my mind just drifted off on its own. I could suddenly feel soft warm lips against my own, igniting a fire that I never had experienced before. A pliable tongue traced my lower lip and I opened my mouth to the organ and moaned as soon as I tasted it. A weak silk-like body pressed itself to me. Bending to fit my form and at the same time touching my own cock that now quickly filled with blood. 

A small hand with elegant fingers circled my cock, stroking it till it was almost purple. I trust my hips forward, gasping at the sensation that spread through my entire body. The other hand, which wasn’t occupied with my flesh, floated slowly up. The hands wandered over my abdomen and slowly over my chest, exploring the plains of the muscles that were twitching under the touch. 

I opened my eyes when the hands reached and cradled my jaw. My eyes quickly found blues orbs gazing into mine, they were filled with love and adoration. The blonde hair was dripping with water and the lips were red and swollen from the kisses. They looked just like cherries, fresh and so fucking delicious.

I suddenly moved into action. I forced my tongue into his mouth, he tried fighting me for dominance, but it was a clear losing battle. I smashed him against the shower wall; he gasped from the impact, but moaned with delight when I lifted him up so his legs were wrapped around my hips.

Our tongues danced together in his mouth; I growled from the taste of his sweet breath washing over my face. His legs forced me to come closer to him and forcing my cock to slide up between his cheeks, making my balls pull close to my body. The only sounds in my bathroom was the sound of two moaning and panting men, slick flesh gliding up and down each other and my deep animalistic growl when I came. I tried to catch my breath, panting hard to get enough air into my lungs. His body was still pressed to mine, still kissing my shoulders and whatever he could reach which wasn’t much.

Then suddenly the vision was gone and I stood yet again all alone with my spent cock hanging between my legs.

The feeling of guilt came washing over me like a tidal wave, blocking the good feeling I had afterwards. I felt guilty for putting my sweet babe in that sort of place, corrupting him with my filthy mind. He shouldn’t even have me; he should be with someone who wasn’t violent or destructive. He shouldn’t be with a broken man. Damn imprint thing.

The doorbell rang and cut into my line of thoughts, before I was really down in the basement.

Clearing my head with a cold shower, I came out ready to face the two chattering girls standing on my porch. Seriously, I loved them to death, they were the only girls who really mattered to me, but they could really talk an ear off.

“Melia! Mai! Shut up for a second!”

Before I could even react, a small hand had slapped me.

“Paul Lahote! Be nice or I’ll cut your balls off!”

Melia stood with her hands on her hips looking fucking intimidating, even though she wasn’t. You could say that Emily was my mother at Sam’s house, while Melia was my mother all the other places. A feisty little one.

“Sorry little one, come give me a hug… Pretty please?” I pouted, because I knew she couldn’t hold it for long.

“You fucking douche” But she smiled and laughed while stretching her arms so she could give me my hug.

“Ready for school?” Mai stood behind her, ready for her hug. I nodded when I had given it to her. Mai was a lot taller than Melia and a much softer around the edges.

“Hey girls I have something to ask of you”

They didn’t ask any questions, just sat down and ready to listen. Aaaaah one of the reasons why I loved them.

I explained everything to them, of course they knew about the wolf thing, because they were special and they saw me when I changed. They were with me, under the whole thing. Never running away or anything, they just stood by the side line waiting for me to calm enough down so I wouldn’t hurt them and I would never hurt them. But I had to keep away from them a couple of weeks afterwards, because even though I loved them I had my temper and I couldn’t risk them.

“I just learned about something.”

“Shit you can’t be serious!? Paul has actually learned something; fuck me sideways, I don’t believe it!” Melia laughed, Mai smacked her in the back of the head.

“Melia, shut up, until Paul is finished” Mai gave her the “death” glare, ya know when someone does something you don’t like and you want them to just shut up? Well Mai was the best at that.

She mumbled under her breath, but kept quiet.

“Thanks Mai. Well Sam told us about something called imprinting; it’s when the universe or whatever chose the “one” for you. The perfect mate. We don’t decide at all, we don’t have anything to say in that kind of matter apparently and I kinda imprinted a week ago”

I looked at my hands; they were white from gripping each other so hard.  I was nervous and I didn’t even know why. Maybe I was scared that they wouldn’t be my friends anymore, because I was gay.

“So who is it?” They said it together like one human being.

“You see, that’s the thing. I kinda imprinted on a boy.” I waited for them to explode, but I wasn’t ready when both Mai and Melia just froze. Like really froze, they didn’t even twitch or anything. 

“Girls? Hmmm sorry”

Suddenly a loud shriek vibrated through my entire house. I slammed my hands over my ears trying to keep the sound out and tried to scream over the noise.

“Goddammit Melia! Shut up!”

She laughed loud, clutching her stomach while tears were running down her face.

Then suddenly two forgiving set of arms were around me, hugging me to warm soft chests and small sounds came from above me. They were lulling me into a calm and safe place where I could say whatever I what to, without me getting hurt. We talked a little about it, until we couldn’t stay at my house because I had to go see Aaron before school.

“Paul, ya know, we could protect Aaron while we are in school. Be friends with him” Mai smiled gently and at that moment I couldn’t love her more.

“Yeah, I would love that.” I hugged them both, telling them I loved them and then went to his house.

I would consider myself a “ready” person, you know, someone who is always ready for whatever my come, but I wasn’t ready when Aaron saw me. He saw me in my wolf form, but he wasn’t scared at all. He didn’t run. He didn’t hide.

The look of wonder and fascination washed over his beautiful face, getting his eyes to look even bigger. When I came closer to him he still didn’t seem scared, so I just walked closer and closer till I stood just over him. I lowered my head looking him in the eyes and he raised his hand to meet my forehead and sparks began to fly between us. His semi cold hand was touching my burning flesh and it was one of the best things I had ever experienced. Everything was lost in his touch, everything faded and only left behind the soft strokes from his hand.

Then the sound of someone doing the dishes forced me out of my dream world, I was a little annoyed but then I saw his mom. Even though I had talked to her and I actually liked her, something just clicked inside my head. I wanted to tear her head off, rip her apart. Let her feel exactly the same as her son, her only son.  There were still markings after where the man had gripped him so hard and no matter what I would always see those marks. I lowered my head in a fighting stance, ready to strike, but he screamed at me, taking me out of my haze. He didn’t want me to hurt her. Why shouldn’t I let her feel the same has he had; that night he was so close to dyeing and she didn’t give a shit. 

“It’s okay; she is not going to do anything to me. I promise, if she does I know who to call, right”

I couldn’t help but smile. He trusted me enough to ask for help if needed, something most people wouldn’t do. Then he unexpectedly started laughing, just a little giggle at first kinda like a little girl. Then it changed to a full laughing fit. I shoke my head; that boy was crazy. He was cute though, with a red flushed face and a big smile that was going all the way to his eyes. I gently licked his cheek, shoving in wolf form affection and he got even redder. God, he was cute. He even touched the spot where I had licked him, his eyes became glazed and it looked almost like Aaron was in his own dream world. A place I would love to be.

The sound of the bus came rushing to my ears and some minutes’ later Aaron heard it too.

“Shit” Unexpectedly he kissed my forehead, I became almost giddy and I wanted to howl in pleasure when his soft lips touched me. I wished I had been in my human form, because I wanted so bad to feel him against my body. Without fur between us or anything else, just the two of us.

 “I’m sorry sweetie, but I’m going to miss my bus if I don’t go now okay?”

He looked frantic and lost for words, like he didn’t want to go and I didn’t want him to. A small pitiful whine came from my throat; I sounded like a little lost puppy. Thank God, the other wolves didn’t hear it.

When he had turned around, I ran away.

He had taken my wolf form great, but I didn’t wanna push him too far and maybe something horrible could happen. I could lose my temper and harm him, maybe even kill him and I knew that if that ever happened I would die too. Just being away from him, created a dull pain that intensified the longer I was away from him. I hurt, like a kinda fire thing had been embedded in my heart and tried to wiggle around and at the same time a line stronger than the strongest metal tried to pull me towards him. It was weird at first, but I always just ran back so that the pull would vanish. I always felt so calm when I just saw him, but I still had the urge to go and touch ham. I wanted to feel him so bad.

I had turned to my human while I had thought about it all. What should I do when I saw him in school? How could I protect him? I could I stop myself from killing his tormenters? Wow that sounded crazy, but hey I was a crazy fucker so what.

If anyone as much as dared to touch what was mine, I would fuck them up.

When I had reached school, Jacob and Seth stood waiting for me. They both stood talking to each other and I just thought that it was weird that no one could see that Jake had imprinted in Seth, because you could see everything in Jake’s eyes. They were like a mirror straight to his soul. I grinned and shook my head, it was going to come out sooner or later and I hoped sooner.

We didn’t talk when I reached them; we just walked side by side to the first class.

I had music running through my head and maybe I was a little bizarre, but I loved country music. I had Jake Owens “Barefoot blues jean night”, nothing could compare to a good country song, because I had always thought that they had their own story in them. Most of the male singers had deep full voices that could drown out whatever other sounds there were which was perfect when you wanted to forget things.

When the music stopped I turned to talk to Jake when I saw Mai, Melia and Aaron walking to class. They were talking and laughing. His bullies around him didn’t dare to say anything because they knew that the pack protected the girls. I grinned like the Cheshire cat, wide and happy.

“You talk to the girls” Jake stated rather than asked and I just nodded.

“Great idea! He needs friends and just look at those idiots watching at him, but at the same time not daring to do anything! Those girls are gonna protect him, when you can’t” I felt a piercing pain go through my chest when Seth had said that. I couldn’t be with him while we were in school, I couldn’t be there for him and I couldn’t even talk to him. Why? Because I was a coward, I didn’t what the school too see what I really was just yet.

The rest of the day went like normally. It was boring as hell, the classes were the same, but in the lunch break I saw Aaron again with the girls again. They were laughing and talking ´bout some men from some TV show, which Aaron clearly liked.  It was some kinda fantasy show, with vampires and werewolves. If they only knew, that all of that stuff was real. I was more an Auction Kings kinda guy or that program with the men that would buy lockers and then find treasure in them. I loved that fucking program, the men was aggressive and funny at the same time. Hearing him laugh though was the best thing ever. I had never, in the time period I had watched over him, heard him really laugh. A genuine laugh which made my heart beat faster and almost made it gallop out from my ribcage.

I think I sat plastered with a stupid smile on my face the rest of the lunch break.

We sat talking about nothing and everything, I just kept looking at Aaron and sometimes I would look at Jake and just say to myself that he was properly the biggest moron I had ever met. Seth was looking at him like Jake was his sun, his everything. Almost like when I looked at Aaron or when Sam looked at Emily. I laughed a little when I thought that it was the same way Jake looked at Seth. They looked funny at me, but didn’t dare ask anything.

I huffed and just thought that I had to survive the last periods, with gym as the finale class. I actually loved gym class, lots and lots of women watching my every move. This time though I had only one person in mind and that person didn’t have tits. That person had eyes that could look straight to your soul and see everything that was hidden. Suddenly I realized that I had to watch him get changed; see his naked from with the marks still clear on his body. I just knew I had to try my best not to do anything.

“Hey Paul! Ready for gym class?”  Jake came running up to me after I had exited the bathroom, taking care of stuff.

“Yeah just a little scared that I am going to do anything to Aaron, ya know hurt him” I looked at him, watching his face. I only saw understanding, because even though Seth was a wolf Jake was still a lot bigger and a lot stronger. He was just as scared as I was for hurting our imprints.

We were close the sweat smelling changing room, ready to go in.

“Hey if we do anything to our imprints, then we help each other kick each other’s asses! Deal?” I laughed loudly and kicked Jakes shin, just for fun of course. Embry, Quil and Jared had joined us and laughed when they saw Jakes face, when I kicked him. Not that it hurt or anything, but nobody dared to do anything to Jake, but hey when you are his match than whatever, right?

While changing, I watched Aaron getting undressed and saw every scratch and spots on his frame.  It got the anger to pulsate though my body to watch them. Sometimes I was so close to getting caught at staring at him, every time he turned around.

Suddenly my attention was transfixed on Aaron and the jocks laughing and calling him all sorts of names. The anger started rolling through my body, stronger this time more like tidal waves crashing to shore. I couldn’t for the love of god stop my voice when the word “fag” came out of Mick’s disgusting mouth.

“Fucking idiots! Shut the fuck up! Would’ya?! Fucking pissing me off listening to a bunch of sissies!”

I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t hold my wolf back. Everything seemed to blur and the only thing in my mind was to hurts those who hurt him. Nobody should dare to hurt him. Fucking low lives. I wanted to end them, take their lives from them. I could feel a warm hand on my shoulder and soothing words in my ears, but I didn’t want to listen to it. Fuck it! I wanted their heads on a silver platter.  Suddenly one of them scrabbled back, backing straight into Aaron’s small frail body. A small whimper exited his mouth, getting me to look straight at him. His small form was pressed as close as it could get into the locker, trying its best to look at small as it could.

My eyes found his and I couldn’t conceal my feelings, I knew he saw them. He didn’t move an inch, when I told them all to get out. I didn’t care if they were dressed or not, I wanted them out! When they were finally out, I could relax properly. He still looked totally frightened and I was so scared that it was me he was terrified of.

“Are you okay? I’m sorry if I scared you?”

Aaron’s gigantic eyes were transfixed at me, shaking his head “no” I breathed out. Glad.

My legs started moving without my consent, moving towards him. He didn’t move a muscle. His shirt was clutched in his hands, keeping it to his frail chest. I wanted him to relax, if he wasn’t scared o me then why did he look like that?

I slowly traveled my fingertips over his milky white arms, trying to get some warmth into his frame. My hands didn’t stop at his shoulders, but traveled up to his beautiful face. A little gasp came out and I knew then that I affected him just as much as he affected me. At this point I had both of my hands around his jawbone, feeling the delicate bones under my fingers. His eyes fluttered close, his ragged breathing was drifting over my face and calming me, but at the same time igniting me. I couldn’t stop and I didn’t even try. I wanted those soft lips, just like in the dream. They were soft and pliable under my hard ones. His shirt fell to the ground, but I didn’t care. I could only feel his short nails digging into my shoulders, pressing me forward; closer to him.

The fell of him against me, was the best thing ever. Nothing could compare to the feeling of finally having him close to me. I wanted him closer, so close that you couldn’t see when I started and he ended. I could feel every nook and granny of him, every vein and every breath. Everything.

Suddenly all was over when I heard footsteps coming from outside the door. I knew it was coach that was coming. I stopped right there and watched how Aaron face consorted in annoyance, but then realized who was coming and looked down in the ground.

The look coach gave us, got me to feel the rage coming again, but I didn’t want Aaron to see anything so I hurried out. The rest of the class I did my best not to look at him, because if I did the boner I had willed away would come again like a train. I could feel his confusion, but I couldn’t do anything to stop his face from consorting in pain.

I never wanted to see that face again. Fuck it all!; I thought, if they were to found out I was gay, then what-fucking-ever! I didn’t care. I wanted him! I wanted everything!

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