I promise to love you tomorrow

Sally loves her husband Michael. At least, she tries. But nothing could ever make her forgive him. Michael loves Sally, and their daughter Amy. At least, he tries. But noting will ever make up for what he did to Amy. Not for Sally, for whom Jack is the only person who can still touch her heart. (13+)


1. The Last Straw


Sally stepped out of a car full of giggling ladies."I'll see you all tomorrow!" she shouted as she waved goodbye to the moving car. She and the girls all went to the movies to watch a musical. It was the most fun Sally had in weeks. She was still singing the catchy finale song as she walked down the drive towards her house. As she reached the front door the carefree bliss slowly left her. No doubt Michael also had fun that night. And he'll want more fun when she got back. Sally knew that inside Michael was a good man; the man she married and signed her freedom off to, but his drink got in the way.Sally sighed and opened the door. At once, she knew that something bad happened by the lack of a slurred greeting, and a quiet whimpering coming from the living room. She raced across the hall, her heels clattering on the marble floor. She gasped in horror. Michael lied on his back, passed out on the floor, but Sally simply stepped over him to the small bleeding heap on the floor behind an armchair. Tears washed across her face as she looked at another, this one crumpled with pain, with blood spread across her childish features.

"Amy, I'm so sorry" Sally cried as she picked up the girl carefully.

 “Get up you fat shit!” She screamed in hysteria, kicking Michael violently. Her motherly nature already made her feel awful about swearing in front of Amy. Michael moaned in response, but Sally was already rummaging through the drawers for her Cadillac keys, with Amy on her hip, crying quietly. She didn’t want an ambulance. She didn’t know the damage and didn’t want to cause a scene either. She swiftly closed the door behind her and rushed to the car. She place Amy in the seat next to her and drove.

“I’m sorry” She said, wiping tears from her face to clear her vision. “I’m so sorry”


Sally tried to collect herself together and look civil for the few bored people in the waiting room. She blinked her eyes numerous times to stop tears from falling. She neatly placed her hands on her knees to stop her legs from twitching. She fought a personal battle to keep her nails bite-free. She smoothed her long skirt, re-arranged her hair, and refused to nervously fiddle with her gloves. However, Sally was a mess all the same. She wanted to see her little girl, to comfort her and to feel Amy wrap her tiny arms around her neck knowing everything will be alright, now that mummy’s here. Sally just wanted to keep her safe. But most of all Sally wanted to kill that sore excuse of a husband. This would be the last time she let him break her trust. And he can forget about any of his alcohol. She’s going to pour it down the drain first thing tomorrow. Well, maybe she’ll keep a bottle or two for guests, but that is going to be under lock and key. He will never lay a hand on Amy again. He will regret the day he first put his glass to his lips. Sally was shaking violently now, without even realising.

“Scuse me ma’am. Are you alright?” 

Sally looked up, startled. A tall man stood above her, holding his hands together awkwardly.

“Only, you looked like you might need some company, cos you were shaking an’ all.” The man explained. Sally looked at him with bewildered eyes.

“I...I was?” She stuttered. The gentleman smiled, took a step forward and sat down on a chair beside her.

“Yes. I’m Jack Cranford” he smiled, holding out his hand. Sally examined him. Neat, blond, hair, dark blue suit. Big sun-tanned hands, and deep, blue eyes asking her to trust him.  Not forcefully like everyone else. Everyone else expected her to trust them.  The man asked quietly. As if he was pleading to be acquainted. But why? This whole situation seems a little out of context.

“I’m Sally White” She said, reluctantly shaking his hand. “What’s your angle mister?”

The man opened his mouth, offended, then closed it and shook his head smiling.

“How often do you accept a helping hand?”

Sally frowned. The guy got her. Sally was as independent as a housewife could be. But she always considered it a plus.

“I don’t really need helping hands much” Sally answered. This wasn’t what she wanted to talk about at all. She didn’t mean to be rude or anything, but she’d rather the man just went away. “Helping hands are nosy.” She added. Jack seemed to find that funny. He smirked to himself.

“Only when someone has something to hide.” He said. Sally was furious-this wasn’t how she expected to be treated. She didn’t want his help, or his company. She didn’t want him at all! And as for his creepy comments: she was married! Couldn’t he see the ring on her finger? Sally froze for a moment. She wished he couldn’t. She actually truly wished she wasn’t married. For all the crap Michael gave her, she always thought of everything from the positive side, that things will get better. That her, Michael and Amy would just be a happy family. Now she could see things how they really were. Hopeless. She clenched her face with her hands, bent her head towards her knees, and wept.

“Oh... I... I’m sorry” Jack whimpered in the background. “I ...Didn’t mean to...”

Sally didn’t reply. Jack slowly placed his hand on her bent back and patted her a couple of times. And to her surprise Sally turned to him and put her head on his shoulder, he hands still covering her upset face. . He wrapped his arms around her supportively and rocked her gently from side to side.  When she cried so loud it was audible, he stroked her head slowly until she calmed down. “It will be ok.” He whispered. I’ll be just fine”

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