I promise to love you tomorrow

Sally loves her husband Michael. At least, she tries. But nothing could ever make her forgive him. Michael loves Sally, and their daughter Amy. At least, he tries. But noting will ever make up for what he did to Amy. Not for Sally, for whom Jack is the only person who can still touch her heart. (13+)


3. The Guest

Sally looked at the clock. 5 more minutes until he arrives. 5 minutes to lose herself in thought. She put her whole heart to cleaning and cooking and looking after Amy that afternoon that she didn't have time to think about her feelings properly. She was dressed in a new creamy dress that was light and ruffled just as she liked them. Her skirt spread out all around her, and it did make her feel just a little bit beautiful. She had done her honey-brown hair up in a large bun at the side of her head, just by her left ear. She put her pearls on and even put a little lipstick on. She knew Michael wouldn't notice her efforts, but maybe, just maybe Jack would notice. The truth was- Jack was all she thought about since the day she met him. She couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was about Jack that made her soppy like a schoolgirl. The best solution she came up with was that he seemed to care about her. That’s all it took. She didn’t know if he would have her though, with her extensive luggage that included a husband and a child. She still wasn’t sure if she’d have Him! She had to do the right thing for Amy. And that is to keep her family. Stick together. Sally froze on the spot, looking out of her kitchen window. NO. Fuck Michael. Fuck everything. What has he done to deserve her or Amy? After all, what’s more important? Michael and the façade of her supposedly comfortable life, or Jack: the glimmer of a faint flame of hope? The question sent tingles down the back of her spine. She didn’t know the answer to that question. Just then the doorbell rang.

“ I’ll get it!” She shouted just about managing to sound calm. Hysteria rushed over her. Her hands were shaking as she walked through the kitchen. She clenched them and told herself not to be stupid. This was just a dinner party. She put on her nicest smile as she walked over to the door, trying not to think of anything. She opened the door and as soon as she saw the manly jacket that couldn’t possibly belong to Mrs. Moor she stared at the ground.

“Hello.” Came a quiet greeting. Sally could feel herself blushing nervously, yet at the same time, felt much more at peace with herself than she had all day.

“Hello.” She eventually answered even quieter, smiling politely at the floor. Jack held out a bouquet of flowers.

“For the lady of the house” he said in a grave voice. Sally plucked up the courage to finally look up, and she looked straight into his eyes.

“Thank You.”  He passed her the flowers, and as she held her hands out to accept them their hands met. Jack quickly drew his hand away, but Sally found herself sub-consciously reaching for Jack’s hand and placing it on her cheek.  As she realised what she was doing she quickly let go of Jack’s hand and looked up at Jack, bewildered. To her surprise and relief he didn’t take his hand off, but stroked her cheek gently with his thumb. Sally closed her eyes to savour the moment. She no longer had any doubt about the direction she was going in.  Jack was the answer to her prayers. All those years she thought it was Michael, sober Michael, but he wasn’t. He probably never was. She opened her eyes slowly, only to close them again to feel Jack’s kisses on her neck. As their mouths met, melting smoothly and slowly, she couldn’t help comparing this kiss to her first kiss with Michael. They were out at a fair, and Michael was angry at something. She remembered holding his face, and trying to take away the anger, but she couldn’t remember what he was angry about. When she was unable to calm him down, she kissed him. At first, he drew away, but Sally just kissed him harder. Sally squeezed her eyes, snapping back to the present. She stroked the lapels of Jack’s jacket as the kiss drew to a close. When Jack opened his eyes Sally wiped the lipstick off his mouth with a handkerchief she drew out of his breast pocket.  She folded it neatly and put it back in his pocket, then led him inside the house. As soon as they both stood in the hall Sally remembered Michael and felt her temperature rise. He was upstairs getting ready.

“Michael” She called out in a croaky and shaky voice. She coughed and cleared out her throat then tried again, putting on a fake smile while she was at it. “Michael! Jack’s here! Come down!” After a few seconds, Michael came down the stairs, smiling and looking considerably better than he had that morning.

“Ah! Jack! Good to see you!” He said as he reached the bottom of the stairs and shook Jack’s hand.

“Good to see you too” Jack answered. Sally carefully studied Michael. She didn’t let her guard down, but she thought she got away with it. All the same, the shock of what she just did was only now fully revealing itself. She had to get away from them.

“Excuse me gentlemen, but I must get a drink of water” She said quietly, looking at their shoes.

“Are you alright dear?” Michael asked. Sally smiled as convincingly as she could.

“Just thirsty”

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