I promise to love you tomorrow

Sally loves her husband Michael. At least, she tries. But nothing could ever make her forgive him. Michael loves Sally, and their daughter Amy. At least, he tries. But noting will ever make up for what he did to Amy. Not for Sally, for whom Jack is the only person who can still touch her heart. (13+)


2. Awkward Moments


Church was the last place Sally or Michael wanted to go to the following morning, but Sally felt the need to go all the same. No doubt people will ask about the stitches on Amy’s face, but Amy will have to go to school tomorrow anyway. Sally wouldn’t want people to think she was un-Christian or that she let her daughter skip Sunday school. Michael had a hangover, but didn’t dare contradict Sally. After all, “Hurry up, we’ll be late for church” was all she said to him. Michael didn’t have enough courage to speak to her about the previous night. From what he remembered things weren’t looking too good for him, but he had to set the record straight. He couldn’t hurt Amy, he just couldn’t. There had to be an explanation for all this. He would remember hurting his own child. He had to ask Amy what happened. But Sally wouldn’t let her out of her sight, and asking that in front of Sally seemed like an invitation for a fight. Either way, what rights did a stupid drunk have to an innocent child? He couldn’t expect Sally to be fine with this. But he will show Sally what a good guy he can be. He will make her love him again. He could do it.


After the sermon finished Sally walked off to pick up Amy from her Sunday school, and Michael walked straight to Doug. He enjoyed weekly discussions with Doug after a tedious church service. Doug was a chatty man, and one that as well as expressing his opinion sought everyone else’s.

“Hey, Michael! How ya doin’?”He asked slapping him on the back warm-heartedly.

“Not the best I’ve ever been.” Michael answered.

“I can see that!” Doug laughed.

“Oh, thanks Doug. Really.” Michael said sarcastically.”How’s your wife?”

Doug smiled. “I’m great, thanks for asking. She’s beautiful as always. We’re goin’ to her mother’s on Friday. Boy, that’ll be hell for sure. I just don’t see how those two women can be related. I mean, Arlene is stingy at times - she’s a woman - but her mother... she’s from a completely different species. Right?” he smiled at Michael nudging him with an elbow.

“Well, mothers in law will be mothers in law.” Michael said. Doug laughed.

“The man speaks the truth! Oh, by the way, I’ve been meaning to introduce you to a new pal of mine." He said taking Michael by the shoulder and leading him through the crowded church. “Great sport, ex-army, unemployed at the moment, but I tell ya, his CV looks great. He’s just moved here, so I expect he’ll want to settle down first.” Doug sounded as if he was trying to advertise the man.

“Aha! There he is! Jack! Jack!” Doug waved his arms excessively until he caught the man’s attention. The man didn’t look like a typical army bloke- too light footed and not merely muscular enough. However, his energetic hands showed experience and skill, and his posture showed the features of a man not afraid to fight for his country.

”Jack Cranford. Nice to meet you.” Jack shook Michael’s hand.

“Michael White.” He replied.

“Oh look, and there’s Mrs. White” Doug pointed across the room. The two men followed his finger and rested their eyes on Sally, who was nodding along to Mrs. Moor’s constant flow of words. The men were all focused on Sally, and therefore neither of them saw Jack’s face fall drastically. Beside Sally, Amy was opening and closing her mum’s handbag contently.

“Is that your child?” Jack asked.

“Yeah. That’s Amy”

“She’s beautiful” Jack stated, still looking at the women ahead of him.

“She takes after her mother” Michael laughed.

“And don’t we know it!” Dough jumped into the conversation.

“Is that an attempt at an insult?”Jack asked, laughing along with the other men.

“No, I was simply stating that both Amy and Sally are both very attractive women. Wouldn’t you agree Mr. Cranford?” Doug explained with a smirk on his face. The two men wouldn’t notice Jack going ever so slightly red in the face.

“I.. .erm..” He started. Michael interrupted him

“Doug, I ought to kill you for that, you paedophile. And calling my wife attractive! Only I get to do that.” Michael raised his voice, but still not managed to hide the smile on his face.” Have you got kids Jack?”

“I’m not married” Jack answered.

“An eligible bachelor!” Doug exclaimed. “How fitting! My sister, just passed 19, would make a lovely bride. You’ll love her, you really will!”

“Erm... Thanks, but.. I’m not looking for any bride at the moment.” Jack said feeling even more uncomfortable.

“Oh Come on! Live a little! Doug said. Just then a tall, slim woman emerged from the crowds, dressed in a tight, fitting suit and pin skirt. A wide brimmed hat covered her deep brown hair which seemed to be flowing out of the hat. He face was flawless, but what caught the attention of any man, and most women was the sway of her hourglass figure as she walked in her heels. She walked up to Doug and kissed him on the cheek. “Come on, honey, let’s go home.” She said in a sticky-sweet voice.”

“All right dear. See ya on Wednesday chaps” Doug said as the pair walked off.

“How did Doug get a girl like that?” Jack asked with amusement.

“It’s that big mouth of his. He’ll talk his way out of hell if he has to.”Michael said slightly agitated.”Believe it or not, me and Arlene used to be sweethearts back when we were teenagers”

“Really? What happened?” Jack asked.

“She dumped me” Michael laughed. “We were young, and so picky. I couldn’t stand the way she’d flirt with other guys, and she couldn’t stand the fact that I wasn’t appealing to other girls. The fact that no one was jealous of her frustrated her greatly. And Doug,.. Well, Doug’s a pervert.”

“ I can believe THAT” Jack laughed.

“Yeah, and here’s a tip for ya. Stay clear of Doug’s sister. She’s a weird one”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Jack answered. He spotted Sally walking up to them and tried to prepare himself for the meeting. “We’re going home” Sally informed Michael, looking quickly at him, then Jack, and then at the floor.

“Ok dear. This is Jack Cranford. I was just going to invite him for dinner” Michael said.

“Nice too meet you Mr. Cranford.” Sally stuck his hand out to Jack.

“Erm... nice to meet you too Mrs. White” Jack shook her hand, and this time he was the reluctant one.

“Unfortunately I’ve already invited Mrs. Moor for dinner.” Sally announced.

“There’s always room for one more. The more the merrier” Michael said. He hated the thought of wasting nice Sunday afternoon listening to Mrs. Moor go on about her fine china, and her swell new curtains.

“If you insist dear” Sally sighed. “We’ll see you at six Mr. Cranford. Our address is 16 Milton Avenue. I’m sure you’ll find you way there.

“I’m sure.” Jack echoed.

"Goodbye then” Sally took Michael by the arm and stared walking off.

“Bye Jack.” Michel waved to the man.

“Goodbye “Jack managed to say before they got too far. He watched them push through the crowds. He scratched his head, unsure what to make of the situation. Why did Sally seem to hate him all of a sudden? He knew she could be spiteful, but he would never consider her a cold kind of person. Two things were certain. One: Sally took what happened last night as more than an act of friendship. Two: Jack loved Sally. He saw her in the crowds, still clutching her husband like a handbag. How he wished that could be him! She turned and looked at Jack. Their eyes met, and Jack couldn’t bare to look away- frozen on the spot. Sally's eyes were a whirlpool of despair.  She parted he lips and slowly mouthed something to him. He couldn’t make out what she was trying to say. He couldn’t look away from those eyes. Slowly, she closed her eyes, and turned away. Three things were certain. Three: Sally loved Jack.  


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