Miserable Mardique

When Liberty Mardique is allocated a place in the touring production of Les Miserables, her whole world is changed. For the worse.


1. Prologue

Liberty Mardique was not your average 10 year old girl. One might imagine a girl of this age to be loud, excitable and full of life, but in fact Liberty was the complete contrary. She was almost constantly silent, apart from when in the company of her mother, Alice, or with any other trusted human beings whom she knew very well. She was small and very thin, one may assume malnourished. However, one would then assume otherwise once they had realised that Alice Mardique was just about as far away from a neglecting mother as a woman could get. Liberty was often seen clinging to her mother’s side like a shy toddler, but there was one time in which the young girl would speak, and become a more average 10 year old. And this time was when she was on stage.


Although this may seem like an unlikely scenario, this is when Liberty really came alive. She had a beautiful, haunting singing voice which could make even the strongest of men cry. She could even act, and deliver her lines with such perfection that one would swear that she had a certain career in show business. And this was why Liberty had gained the role as Young Cosette in the touring production of Les Miserables, and, although the child may not have shown it, it was a dream come true for her, according to her mother.  One may be wondering how such a shy and anxious child would be able to go on tour with strangers, but this thought process would be cut short when it was revealed that Alice was in charge of the costumes. It went without saying that Liberty would never be able to survive for anything more than a few days without her mother.


So, why was Liberty Mardique such a quiet child in real life, but a confident young actress when on stage? This was a question which baffled almost everyone who knew her; the theatre director, her fellow actors, her classmates and her more distant family. She lived with her mother only, and her father was never spoken of; no one seemed to know of his whereabouts. There was the possibility that the instability of a single parent home had brought her up to be the way that she was. But, again, it was a mystery to those who knew them how such a bright, cheerful woman like Alice could ever mentally damage her daughter. No one knew what their home life was like when they were alone, although people often wondered. Liberty would look up at the other cast members from behind her wavy mousy brown hair with her round chocolate brown eyes and they would be none the wiser. Alice and Liberty’s private lives were complete and utter mysteries to everyone except for them, of course.


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