Be a Pop Princess

Meet us, Roxy and Chelsea! We have a club called the PopPrincesses, in London! If you wanna learn how to rock your look, be a bad girl and live up to the trends then you REALLY are in the right place! Rock On!!!


1. Fashion

Here is our first thing, style! When it comes to style-we know best! We'll go nag nag nag at you like parents if you dont fix your style up! Here are some cool buys


Go Brave And Neon!

This kooky look is all about bright colors and wild accesories- fits a cute figure great!

we reccomend you try out- Neon Pencil Skirt- from, for a pink, orange and green classic neon tiered skirt!

Also, If youre more subtle try out a Neon Brooch, like the cute big cry baby brooch, So Cool!


Like, the neon look totally flatters some Girls!

Here is Chelsea and Roxy's Tips on style!


CHELSEA SAYS: ''If you're going for a gothic look, use faux fur and lace-wow!''

ROXY   SAYS:  ''Obviously, If you're going simple, try a bum bag!''


Just Turn the Page for even cooler advice-seeya!


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