The Prince Of Peace

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  • Published: 21 Jun 2012
  • Updated: 29 Jun 2012
  • Status: Complete
A change in her room causes
Hannah to take a step and go
on an adventure. Missing the bus
might be bad but for her its an
amazing mistake...

(I wrote this at the age of 9)


4. The Rumbling Wagon

Then I heard a faint rumbling sound like a monster about to eat. Gasping I swung around and there was the whitest, purest wagon I'd ever seen. It stood out in the  night sky like a shooting star. The driver was an Angel and, calling everyone in, they rushed up and found a seat and zoomed off. I hopped out at the first stop at a hotel type thing but due to the fact that there was no more room I had to sleep outside.


As the last velvet edges of the darkness were banished by the rising sun, two younger Angels called me through. I had no idea where I was going, and so the two young men took me off to what they called the "Judgement room." I was happy due to the fact that I knew that I was going to the Celestial City! 


I smiled as they led me there and then I was given a scroll. It had the exact same markings as the one that I'd found the previous day. They also gave me the bible but under the shining dimond I found my name was engraved there. 

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