The Prince Of Peace

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  • Published: 21 Jun 2012
  • Updated: 29 Jun 2012
  • Status: Complete
A change in her room causes
Hannah to take a step and go
on an adventure. Missing the bus
might be bad but for her its an
amazing mistake...

(I wrote this at the age of 9)


3. The path

Wondering what to do next, I caught sight of a path, and curiously, I stepped onto it. Being careful not to ruin my dress, I picked it up as I walked. I seemed to have an unusual skip in my step and a hop in my jump, and,  confused I tried to remember why I seemed so exited.


After some time, I entered a magnificent Corn field and gallped through it (just like a horse!) I got to the other side, opened the gate and went through.


Close behind me were a small group of whispering figures and, as I walked closer I could see that there was an everlasting queue streching for miles ahead. I walked past it, and I could hear that the conversation of the people behind me was all about last nights football. Confident but relaxed, I  sighed and joined it. We were waiting for a what seemed like hours when suddenly it was sunset. 

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