The Prince Of Peace

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  • Published: 21 Jun 2012
  • Updated: 29 Jun 2012
  • Status: Complete
A change in her room causes
Hannah to take a step and go
on an adventure. Missing the bus
might be bad but for her its an
amazing mistake...

(I wrote this at the age of 9)


1. The change and the cry.

As I opened my eyes I noticed an odd change in my room, was this my true home or would it be all a dream?...

...The walls were as red as roses and smelt sweeter than freshly baked cakes. Suddenly seeing a glimmer of light, I began stalking it like a tiger hunting his prey. Then I saw it.

A Bible.

The glimmer was coming from  a dimond embedded in the old book. Then suddenly I heard a shriek, and, rushing off to see what it was, I shoved the book in a bag, threw on a pair of old jeans and rushed off. In my exitement, I knocked over an old, brown box and the contents spilt over the floor. There was a: Teapot, a Chipped mug and a Scroll. I stole a glance and but something forced me to keep looking, - there was something odd about the teapot, was it, no, it couldn't be, it looked as if it were smiling!?! It grinned at me then the mug started it too! Surprised, I snatched up the scroll and shot down the stairs...

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