Bullying Bieber

The situation: President Bieber has the USA enveloped and oppressed in a smooth, pre-pubescent iron fist. Only a small rebel army can take him down- but the leader has a mysterious past...
NOTE: this movella is slightly longer than some of my others, but i think if you persevere, it may actually be quite fun to read. Any 'Beliebers' who want to complain about the derogatory style are free to do so... i just won't care.


3. Wasabi

Rudd knocked on the door, and heard the familiar shuffle of Mr Sushi arriving at the entrance.

'I'm coming, i'm coming,' he squeeked, opening the door. 'Ah, The Uprising, what can i do for you today?' he smiled.

Rudd stepped inside, followed by Sara and then Half pint. They wore black clothes, with Rudd adorning a long, billowing trench coat.

Inside the room was fairly well lit. A grimy counter cased several types of sushi and sashimi, sitting on small burgundy plates. Many different types of fish and vegetables provided a palette of colours, like iridescent sparks of light jutting out of the drab interior. A few tables stood around the sticky floor.

'We need,' Rudd glanced furtively around the room, and whispered '...some wasabi.'

Mr Sushi's face fell. He waddled over to the windows, shutting the blinds, then waddled back to The Uprising. His face quivered with excitement, a thin moustache dancing on his thick lips. He licked his lips excitedly.

'Come with me.'

They walked around the counter and into the back of the restaurant. Mr Sushi pulled out a large pile of keys, hearing the familiar metallic scraping as they hung loosely from the ring, and then pushed it into the lock of a large door. The door harboured a large yellow and black sign warning of potential death from electricity.

'Umm... Mr Sushi,' spoke Sara, nodding to the sign.

'Don't worry, child, it's simply to deter inquisitive children. You are quite safe,' he opened the door, revealing an immense cache of weapons; assault rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, grenades, charges, plastic explosive, and even a mini tank, 'apart from all the explosives and military grade weapons, of course.'

The Uprising stepped into the room, as Mr Sushi waddled back to the front of the restaurant. Rudd sniffed. The acidic taste of gunpowder hung in the air. He pulled an assault rifle off of the a wall, an M4A1, with a circular bordered scope. Rudd tested the weight, put it to his eye, and nodded in approval.

Meanwhile, Sara and Half Pint were perusing the explosives and ammo section. Half Pint tucked two boxes of shotgun ammo into his rucksack, and handed Sara four boxes of mini uzi ammo. Sara pulled a belt festooned with hand grenades.

'Hey look, Mr Sushi's egg rolls,' she smiled, noting the whimsical label on the wall. They continued to load up on ammo and weapons, and then met around the mini tank. It stood about six foot tall, and was made of thick, shimmering metal. The barrel of a large turret jutted out of the top, about the diameter of a tennis ball. 

'Oh we are so getting that,' smirked Half pint, his eyes alive with excitement.

'Of course not, Half pint, when would we need-'

BANG! BANG! BANG! The sound of heavy gunfire reverberated through the room, bouncing heavily off of the wallsleaving them wincing with the pain in their ears. Rudd pulled out a pistol and advanced forward, followed by Sara and Half pint. As they stepped out of the weapons room, Sara screamed when Mr Sushi stumbled forward, thick blood oozing from lacerations littering his torso.  

'Belie- Beliebers... g-go,' he wheezed, and collapsed onto the floor.

A Belieber peered around from the front of the restaurant and saw them, pulling out and firing an assault rifle. Rudd ducked and ran in the opposite direction, with Sara and Half pint blind firing desperately behind them. Rudd sprinted forward and pushed through a door, into the back of the restaurant. To his right was a door leading out. And to his left-

Rudd stopped. Sara and Half pint sprinted behind him, and abruptly stopped too. Because a small girl, wide eyed and shaking, was huddled on the stairs, tear tracks on her cheeks glistening in the low light. A sharp sound came from behind them.

'Come on!' shouted Sara, her face twisted with fear and shock.

Rudd grabbed the girl and they ran forward, out of Mr Sushi's and away from their assailants, never once looking back...  


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