Bullying Bieber

The situation: President Bieber has the USA enveloped and oppressed in a smooth, pre-pubescent iron fist. Only a small rebel army can take him down- but the leader has a mysterious past...
NOTE: this movella is slightly longer than some of my others, but i think if you persevere, it may actually be quite fun to read. Any 'Beliebers' who want to complain about the derogatory style are free to do so... i just won't care.


2. Ever wanted to be on TV?

'... and the President has ordered that they be brought to justice for the murder of no less than eighty six Beliebers, and the destruction of two broadcasting stations.'

'Shit, guys, look at this,' rasped Sara.

Rudd and Half pint hurried over to the television, where a news reporter sat.

'The President has issued an army of his elite Beliebers to remove the danger as quickly as possible, and asks that the rogue group, known as 'The Uprising', stand down. If no contact is made by midnight tonight, the elitists will be ordered to attack.'

Half pint switched the television off, and all three remained silent. Half pint, standing at roughly three foot tall, was the smallest of the three. He had a round, pale face bordered by thick glasses, and tousled chesnut hair that flopped over his face. Sara was taller, about five and a half foot tall, with a pale face smudged with mascara and long, sweeping hair tied into a tight ponytail. Sara and Half pint stared at Rudd. He was stroking his long, purple spikes, and staring at the blank picture on the screen.

'Sooooooo, what do we do now?' spoke Sara.

Rudd sniffed and tapped on the table. They were sitting in their home, known to them as the 'box'. It was large and dankly lit, with three matresses lying on the far end. Large crates were stacked around the television, with a smooth round table providing the main focus, hunched in the centre of the room. Rudd stared at the crates.

'Half pint, how much ammo have we got?'

Half pint scurried towards one of the crates, squinting inside.

'Not much... we need more if we want to take them down.'

'Then it's simple,' smiled Rudd. 'We go to Mr Sushi's.' 

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