Don't judge the book by the cover


1. Don't judge the book by the cover

I was walking down the hallway.

Leaving class early was one of my daily routines and I rarely got caught.

Even if I was to get caught an agreement with the school stated that it was okay as long as I got A+ on all my tests, which wasn’t really a problem for me.

My life here sucked big time and I couldn’t get out of this hell hole fast enough.

I don’t see how I could pose as a threat to any of them, but I must have, why else would they bother to make my life a living hell?

Why did they even notice me?

To everybody else, as far as I’m concerned, I was as good as invisible.

I doubt they’ve even had chance to look at me.

I mean no one had, nobody could, nobody can for that matter, and that’s the way I want it to be.

That was the main reason behind my shield of clothing, my black hoodie, which covered most of my face and raven black hair, my black tightfitting leather pants and a feminine edition of military boots.

I looked at the clock and almost had a stroke, I was supposed to meet the managers from my, now three very successful, shops which were running my own design SIN.

At least I didn’t have work tonight, or the rest of this weekend, but my job as a Victoria Secrets model was just yet another thing I had succeeded in hiding from the world.

It was the job that almost every girl in the world would kill to have and I, who actually couldn’t care less, had it.

My modeling wasn’t just for Vitoria Secret but also for other top fashion lines.

Actually I’ve once posed for a painting or a sculpture or something, I don’t remember probably because I didn’t care at the time.

Actually I still don’t care.

I was almost at my house now.

It was large especially considering that I live alone, my parents died two years ago.

Or I suppose they did. At least they disappeared for good and were reported dead.

No one has ever found their remains though.

I turned to my garage, which by the way was huge too, I had decided to never drive any of my cars to school they would be too attention grabbing, so usually I walked, and yes I had more than one car, I had money, and an addiction to speed.

I looked at the clock again I had to be at LaGuardia Airport in half an hour, I had to be in London by 9 pm and I’d like to check in at the hotel before our meeting.

I had booked the Terrace Suite at The Dorchester, I liked that particular suite for different reasons firstly it had an amazing view, secondly it was exactly what I needed for my purposes and thirdly it had a good atmosphere and good service.

I decided to take my black BMW M3.

It was beautiful, sleek and fast.

I went in to change and came out wearing same pants and boots but trading the hoodie for a leather jacket that shoved quite a bit of the corset I was wearing underneath.

I jumped in the car after rustling my fingers through my hair, I liked it messy.

I quickly glanced in the rearview mirror, with a satisfied grin I set of towards the airport.

Approximately 7 hours later I was at The Dorchester in the Terrace Suite looking down over the park. The clock showed 08:32 pm and everything was ready.

I was standing out on the terrace when I heard the phone ring, I looked once again at the clock, before answering, it now showed 08:57 pm I turned my attention to the phone, it was the reception wanting to confirm that I was expecting three guests, I quickly told them to let them up.

A few minutes later I heard a knock on the door and I went out to open, on the other side of the door stood three very big smiles.

I smiled myself before greeting them "Alec, Felic, Fala it’s been way too long since our last meeting" I motioned for them to come inside.

Fala approached me first giving me a hug and a smile "yes, it sure has been way too long girlie."

The next hug came from Felic "how have you been sis?" the teasing was as evident in his tone as the mock teasing grin on his face.

I didn’t get a chance to respond before Alec grabbed me and flung me around in a circle "of cause she’s been good, and now she’s wonderful because we’re here" he answered for me with a laugh.

We all started laughing "oh, I just remembered how much I actually miss you guys" I said laughing not being able to stop, now for the first time in months I was truly happy and relaxed.

"You guys want to sit in the dining room or the living room? We can sit out on the terrace as well" I said leaving it up to them to decide, "the living room sounds good" Fala said with a grin.

I led the way into the living room sitting down on the sofa Fala sat down next to me, Alec and Felic each sat down in the armchairs across the coffee table.

Alec sat with sly grin on his face "you know..." he didn’t get to finish before I cut in "yes I got some, go find it" I said laughing yet again, it took him less than five minutes to locate the booze and bring it back to the table, even though I was way under the legal age for drinking alcohol, I always found ways around it and without a doubt gotten my share of hangovers.

One hour, four and a half bottle of wine and hundreds of ideas later we were too drunk to do much good anymore.

We had agreed on the next collection that was going to hit the stores, and we were pretty pleased with ourselves.

Now I sat looking at Alec and Felic surprised that they looked even more alike now than the last time I saw them.

Of cause I knew they were twins but still if they were standing opposite from each other it must be exactly like looking in a mirror.


Next morning we decided that we would travel back to New York together.

Fala would be coming along because she was going to pick out new pieces of art for display at the store in London, and decided that she at the same time would take a week’s break and stay with me.

I was I bit worried over that part because what if she forced me to be some guinea pig Barbie doll before school every day?

How would I explain to her that I was the loser of the school and that nobody had ever seen me without a hoodie? I quickly made a plan to wake up earlier, get ready in no time and leave before she could get up and stop me.

I should have realized at that time that it wasn’t possible to trick her.

So when I woke up at 05:30 am to get ready I was realizing how wrong I had been, because Fala was already up and preparing for exactly what I had feared, dressing me up.

I was thinking about trying to wake the boys so that they could help me escape but then again I wasn’t an evil person and waking them up this early in the morning on their day off would definitely be mean.

Two hours later she finally finished her so called masterpiece which included me wearing a skirt that would make miniskirts blush, high heeled boots, a black corset, lace-gloves, tons of makeup and some expert looking hairstyle.

I was about to tell her that I would leave now but didn’t even get a word out before she dragged me towards the garage "we have to pick the right car, it has to match you outfit" she sang in an elated voice "but I…" she cut off "no, no, no I don’t go to high school anymore, but you do!

"Let me have my fun" she ordered me, she spend a lot of time choosing a car, but finally she chose my black Aston Martin Vanquish, and if we didn’t take off now, even by car, I wouldn’t make it to class.

Just as I was entering the car, Alec and Felic came running laughing as they pushed each other around trying to get to us first shirts undone and hair in a mess.

"Morning sis, looking good" Felic said gliding in behind Fala who already sat in the driver’s seat, Alec came towards me with a mischievous grin plastered on his face "did you really think we would let you go to school without us?" he said his voice collared with false suffering and hurt "but we didn’t want to wake you up" I answered in an innocent voice, it was clear that I had other motives than thinking about their beauty sleep, and well yes I did have other motives because if I, the loser of the school, suddenly shows up flanked by two unbelievable handsome men, well how was I to explain that?

And showing up in a insanely expensive car didn’t help either.

As far as anybody knew I was just some unsocial nerd who lost her parents.

That made me a perfect target for bullying because what could I possibly do?

As far as they knew I didn’t even have a job, how wrong they were.

We reached the school with just enough time for me to get to class.

We pulled into the student parking lot and my nightmare became reality every person turned to look at us as we got out of the car.

Alec swung his arm around my shoulders studying the school and the people that thanks partly to him was staring at us, Felic came around the car with Fala standing beside me "so this is your school?" Felic said stating the obvious "looks kind of boring if you ask me" Alec added, I couldn’t help but to laugh, "yes this is my school" I said with yet another laugh, "well, I know we’re kind of late already but would you care to give us the grand tour?"

I looked at the clock and shrugged "sure, I’m going to skip anyway", the three of them looked at each other then they yelled in unison "LETS GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD AND ROCK IT!"

Accompanied by Alec and Felic throwing their arms in the air, we laughed as we strode towards the main building.


Maybe all I needed was change.

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