Marvin & Me (JLS)

A fanfic about Marvin humes form JLS. I did this on one of my pages. They liked it so here we are!


7. Im ILL..

Marvin returns from tour later today, which is great...but he asked me to go to the club with him and im guessing he's taking Stacey. Its not that i dont want to go, i just cant bear the thought of watching Marv & Stacey together when im just sat there like a lemon. Im sorry Marv but im not going. I sat in the house thinking what i would say when i saw him. It doesnt matter, im not going to the club so i dont have to face him until tomorrow, which is better i suppose. *An hour later* My phone is going off, i pick it up and it's Marvin. 'Hello' I say 'Hey, i was wandering if you're coming tonigt?' He asks. *I cough* 'Marv i can't im ill.' i say. im obviously lying. 'Oh ok then..i hope you get better soon' he says. 'Thank you, bye' I say as i hang the phone up. I shouldn't have lyed but what else was i supposed to do? I didnt want to go and that was that.  My phone buzzes...'not again' i think. But its not Marvin. *1 new message*  Mille; Hey, do u want 2 come out tonight? Come on it'll b fun! I found this new place just into town. Txt me back. :) I reply to her message; Hey Millie! Im supposed to be ill but...sure i will come! What time? *1 new message*  Millie; 7.30 at my house, i'll drive there. See you later!  I get dressed into my nice clothes, gotta look good! I curl my hair and grab my bag. I shiver slightly as i walk out of the door and head for Millie's house.

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