Marvin & Me (JLS)

A fanfic about Marvin humes form JLS. I did this on one of my pages. They liked it so here we are!


4. Far away

Marvin was still on tour but he had been texting or calling me every day. We have had a few hour long phone calls and it really nice to talk to him. Marvin returns from tour in 2 weeks, he promised he would see me then. I can't wait! He also invited me to a friend of his' wedding, he said we could go as friends..Im fine with that!! Untill then i need to focus on work. I left for work once again and returned 8 hours later. I got tea on and sat down to eat. An hour after my phone rang. **Hello** 'Hey, its Marvin' 'I know Marv' I said 'Are you still coming to that wedding when i get back?' he asked 'Yes of course Marv! I wouldnt miss it!' 'Oh good, i cant wait to see you! Its really nice to have a female friend' 'Yeah..' i said. *In the background* 'Marv!' I hear Aston's voice 'We have to go!' 'Ok' Marv replied 'I gotta go sorry..afterparty' 'Its ok' i say 'Bye' 'Bye' *5 mins later* Female friend? What does he mean by that?  I have lots of male friends..i thought i was more than that to him!  Obviously not i thought as i went to sleep.

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