Marvin & Me (JLS)

A fanfic about Marvin humes form JLS. I did this on one of my pages. They liked it so here we are!


5. Betrayal!

It had been 3 days since Marvin had called me and i had started getting worried. Should i ring up? No. I can't. As i was scrolling through my Facebook homepage, someone popped up on chat. The message said: 'Hello, your Marvin's friend right?' 'Yes..' I replied. 'Ok, Im Stacey, Marvin's girlfriend' I sat back in my chair and thought..Girlfriend?? I didnt know he had a girlfriend.. My hand was shaking and i began to type.. 'how long have you been together?' '3 days, we met at the afterparty' she replied. So thats why he hasnt called! He has a new 'Girlfriend' i thought he would at least tell me! I typed: 'Good night, i have to go' to Stacey on chat. And shut down the computer. A small tear ran down my cheek. I really thought i meant more to him than that..Obviously not. I was angry, so angry! But upset at the same time, all these questions i had in my head. I must forget Marvin...I have to get over him....only now i am realising how i have fallen for him. It's 9.30pm when i take my last sob and plunge the quilt over my head to start what's going to be a long night.

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