Marvin & Me (JLS)

A fanfic about Marvin humes form JLS. I did this on one of my pages. They liked it so here we are!


2. At the Club

I couldnt sleep, once again Marvin had left a smile on my face. I pulled the piece of paper out of my bag, I finally had his number!  It was 3am, i had got back from the club an hour ago. My dress was crumbled and my eyes black from my mascara but I didnt care; all i could think about was Marvin. At the club, he was DJing but then he spotted me, he smiled. After that Aston took his place and he walked over to me. 'Hey' he said. 'Hey' i said with a smile on my face. 'Enjoying the disco?' asked Marvin 'Yeah, its good' i replied. 'Okay' he looked around and then told me he needed to go back to DJ ing. 'Wait!' He said 'Sorry i cant talk but how about i give you my number, we can arrange to go out for a drink sometime?' 'Yeah Ok! Have mine too' i said. He gave me his number, gave me a kiss on the cheek and went back to DJ ing. Of course i stayed and watched him and i thought... just maybe...we exchanged smiles. I am slowly drifting off...but the smile wont leave my face...I know this will lead into a dream because just before i fell phone buzzed.  *1 new message* Marv; Goodnight, sleep tight x Oh Marvin...I will! *Eyes wide Shut*

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