Marvin & Me (JLS)

A fanfic about Marvin humes form JLS. I did this on one of my pages. They liked it so here we are!


6. A phone call

My eyes are still half shut and my body half asleep when my phone goes off.. *Hello?* I say in a croaky voice. 'Hi, it's me.' I instantly recognised his voice -Marvin. 'Marvin, you didnt tell me...' He cut me short 'I know and im sorry' he said. 'Ok Marv' 'Sorry its so early by the way and are you still coming to my friends wedding?' he asked. 'You want me to go?' I said in a surprised voice. 'Yes i do. Look, i have to go now but i will text you ok?' Umm Ok, Bye then' i say. 'Bye, speak to you soon' and he hangs up. Yes it was a short conversation but he rang me! It felt good to hear his voice. I just couldn't stay mad at him, however hard i tried. Ok, so i was still going to the wedding, as his friend, i honestly thought he wouldnt want me! I still cant help thinking that he had a girlfriend - that wasnt me. The way he spoke to me made me feel special, but turns out he loves someone else.  I try to block it out as i plan what to wear for the wedding, whilst getting ready for work. Ok, its a new day i thought and i cleared my mind as i shut the front door behind me.

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