Too Close for Comfort

I had to write this in school for some sort of competition, oh well, enjoy!


2. Ian the King [Ian]

I was king! me and my mates chased a boy throught the streets last night, we lost him but i kept running after him, I ran down an alleyway and I saw him, he was jumping over a bin and it fell, he hit his head off the ground and was K.O'd! It was hilarious, my mates caught up eventually and I told them that I had beat him up and they believed me! 

Then at school they told EVERYONE and I became the most popular boy in the school. it was amazing.

At lunch everyone sat next to me and baught be stuff.

In English Mr Springer told us a new boy was joining our class, he asked people to volunteer to look after him and show him to classes, I needed a new side-kick now that I was a big shot, so I volunteered, but Mr.S picked a little wimp called Duncan to do it.


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