Too Close for Comfort

I had to write this in school for some sort of competition, oh well, enjoy!


1. New Boy [Mike]


''Yes Dad?''

''Can you nip to round to Tesco for butter and milk?''

''Sure, where's the money?''

''There's a tenner in the kitchen, use that.''


My name is Michael, my family and I have just moved house, we used to live in Glasgow but now we live in Edinburgh, we moved because i was getting bullied really badly, but it should be better here. I took the money from the kitchen table and left the house. It was 8'o'Clock at night, it was mid  October so it got dark early, there was nobody in the street as far as I could see and Tesco was just up the hill, it would maybe take 3 or 4 minutes to reach it. I set off down the road, I saw some people at the corner of my eye, some kids my age, I looked at them and smiled to be polite and I got some funny looks back, I kept walking.

''Oi!,'' Shouted one of the boys, I kept walking to avoid trouble. ''Oi, over ere' mate!''

I know where this is going.

''You got a problem wi' us?'' the same boy shouted, I shook my head.

''Answer me wi' words! You got a problem wi' us?''

''No, sorry i dont want any hassle, im just going to Tesco.'' I replied nervously

''Tesco eh?''

''Um, yeah why?''

''How much you gonna spend?''

Oh no, im going to be robbed!

''Um, about £4''

The boys started whispering, I felt uneasy.

''NOW!'' one of the boys shouted, I heard their footsteps, running towards me, so I ran.


The adrenaline was pumping through me, I had run the wrong way and was running through a dark alleyway between two flats. I saw a bin blocking the path at the end of the alley, I jumped to get over the bin, but when I hit the bin it toppled and....

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