When Hannah finds out who she thought was her dad was really not, her life is turned upside down. She knows confidential information that no one should know. The government are after her. All she has to do is stay hidden, is it really that hard in a world full of people?Yes...


2. Possiblity

Hannah had never known her real father. Her mother had never even told her who he was. she said that she wasn't old enough and then she got terribly ill and died before she ever even told her who it was. Hannah had searched their house for a birth certificate of some kind but there was nothing. Hannah gave up hope of ever finding her real father many years ago she had wanted to carry on but she had no starting point. Now she knew who it was she wished she hadn't. Jordan was a bad man he killed her step-father. Of all the men in the world it could have been, why did it have to be him?

'If Jordan and my mother knew that I was their daughter then why hadn't they said anything? Well I assume my mother knew it was him as the father.' thought Hannah. Her mother was now a traitor to her unless she found out from someone else why she would hide it. Hannah set off to get Jordan from the closet. She was going to have a questioning session with him about the birth certificate. Possibly it wasn't real, or it was just a coincidence that it was her name, her birthday and her mother's name. Or not.

Hannah set off to get Jordan. She opened the closet and found him huddled in the corner asleep. She thought that if he were really scared then he wouldn't he able to sleep. She nudged him and he woke. Hannah got straight to her point.

"What is this Jordan? We are going back to your office right now and you are going to tell me exactly why you have it." When Jordan saw what it was he gasped and suddenly looked scared again. Like a mouse being cornered by a load of cats.

Hannah undid the hand cuffs and led Jordan back to his office. This was the moment of truth.

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