When Hannah finds out who she thought was her dad was really not, her life is turned upside down. She knows confidential information that no one should know. The government are after her. All she has to do is stay hidden, is it really that hard in a world full of people?Yes...


1. Meeting Jordan

It had been cold in Haslemere since the beginning of September. There had been no sun since then only rain and snow. Everyone’s spirits had been brought down by the miserable weather and not a soul was feeling happy. At this time there was only a light layer of snow covering the ground but there was more to come.

A young lady named Hannah Longsmith stepped out of a small but posh cab, onto the snow. Hannah was a small, beautiful, slender young girl who was twenty. She was heading towards the main offices for Haslemere centre. Her business there was a man called Jordan Marshall.

Jordan was the man who had shut down Hannah’s step-father, Tony’s company two years ago. Two months after the shut down, Tony went to see Jordan about getting a new job. After that meeting her step-father was found dead on the ground below Jordan’s window. Hannah thought that Jordan had pushed him out. Hannah always suspected that Jordan was a bad man by the way he looked at her and her family; the way he looked at her like he just wantedto be around her more but to Hannah that would never happen. She wouldn't allow it. The police wouldn't believe her when she told them her suspicion. Well who would believe an untrustworthy teenage girl whose second home was the detetion room? Today Hannah planned to find information to prove Jordan guilty.

Hannah was going to force Jordan out of his office with the dagger that lay in her coat pocket, red hot. She planned to handcuff him inside the janitors closet which she knew was only a short walk from his office. If he looked like he would shout for help then she might have to stuff her scarf in his mouth like they do in all the movies. A few cuts to vital places if needs be but she would prefer for him to just go. A few weeks ago Hannah would never of had the courage to do anything like this but she had a strange gut feeling that it was the right thing to do.

Hannah got in the lift and pressed ‘10’. When it reached her level she got out of the lift and walked along the corridor. All the doors were shut and no one came out so apart from maybe a few security cameras (which she knew how to deal with) there was no one that saw her up there.She soon found the name she was looking for on a silver shiny plaque ‘Jordan Marshall’. “This is it!” She thought.

Hannah knocked and let herself in. Jordan recognised Hannah from going round to her house with her step-father.

“Ah Hannah, long time no see. What brings you here on this cold day? Sit, sit!”

Hannah didn’t sit she went over and stood three paces away from Jordan. She took out the dagger and held it in front of her.

“We can do this the easy way or the hard way. If you choose the hard way then you might end up loosing blood. We don't want that now, do we? Say a word and I will have to stop you from being able to talk. I don't want to do it but I will if I have to."

Hannah grabbed Jordan by his wrists and asked him

"Is the coast clear?"

Jordan gave a sure nod. He was obviously more scared than Hannah thought he was. Hannah walked him calmly to the closet and opened the door. She got out the hand cuffs and strapped him to a shelf. Just in case she gagged him. She warned him,

"If I hear anything then I will knock you out. If you stay quiet in the next half and hour you can go back to your office unharmed. Is that clear?"


He said shakily. Hannah wasn't sure what to do next so she just left and closed the door. The janitor had a day off that day so Hannah knew no one would go in that closet.

When Hannah got into the office again she wasted no time. She started in the filing cabinet nearest to her. It was locked. She saw Jordan’s blazer on his chair and searched the pockets for keys. She found some and tried to unlock the draw.It was the right key. There were lots of certificates and confidential information in it. Hannah wasn't sure what she was looking for but she knew she had to find something. She looked at the documents one by one. There were a few bank statements, a picture or two of family and the most interesting one was a birth certificate. The names of the parents were Jordan Marshall and her own mother's, Jane Longsmith. It must have been wrong she thought. But no, the date on it was her own birthday and her full name was on it. Was it possible that Jordan could be her real father?


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