A New Life


3. Why my life really stinks part 3


Just a quick reminder: This part of the story is attached straight after the last one so if I were you I would read back on the last sentence of the last chapter and then read this chapter just for a re-cap.

* * *

We came to a stretch of the woods where the path ran above a steep hill. I twisted to take another hit at Franklin, but my front foot slipped, and I fell.

After the world had stopped tumbling, I heard "Elise!" Franklin hurrying after me through all the rocks and leaves and vines and shrubs and prickles that lined the hill.

"Next time," Franklin panted, when he'd caught up with me where I was lying curled up in a ball, "you should wear knee pads. Knee pads and shin guards."

* * *

The front of my legs, from my knees to my ankles, ended up being covered in bloody streaks. Aunt Bessie made me sit for her to clean all the cuts,  but they all dried into yucky scabs all over me on my first day of middle school. Aunt Bessie and Uncle Hugh both vetoed the long jeans I was wearing to hide my wounds.

"It's too darn hot for that sort of silliness! You'll pass out!" declared Uncle Hugh.

"The material will rub against those cuts and open them right up," insisted Aunt Bessie.

I sat on the edge of the bathtub in my shorts with a box of Band-Aids, plain ones thank goodness, and stuck them all over my legs. When I had a crisscross of at least twenty peach bandages over my tan legs, I realized that trying to hide the scabs was even worse that letting them show. I rested my head in my knees and let out a large "Grrr!" of frustration. 

"Elise! The bus will be coming soon!" Aunt Bessie peeked round the door. "Do you want us to walk you?"

"No," I said. As I walked out the front door, some of the Band-Aids  drooped off my legs, not sticking on one side. I grabbed one to yank it off, but the other side was tightly glued to the hair on my leg. "Ow!" I yelled as I ripped it off. I added "Bye!" before leaving Aunt Bessie and Uncle Hugh standing on the porch, looking kind of worried.

When I made it to the bus stop, the usual kids from our grades were there: Franklin plus Sam, Ben, Stewart, and Diana. I had never really gotten to know the boys, and what I knew about Diana was that she wore funny cat sweaters. Because it was hot, today she was in a cat t-shirt. Pink, with a black and white cat patched on in other materials.

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