A New Life


2. Why my life really stinks part 2

Just a quick reminder: This part of the story is attached straight after the last one so if I were you I would read back on the last sentence of the last chapter and then read this chapter just for a re-cap.

* * *

An abandoned cardboard box lay close by.

I summoned up my deepest voice.

"Halt, human!" I yelled. "Halt!"

Franklin stopped, breathing hard. "Yes... Good Knight?"

"Good Lady," I corrected in my deep voice.

"Huh?" he asked, in his regular voice.

"I am a lady knight," I said.

"There are no lady knights," he said.

"Of course there are. I am a lady ghost knight, possessing the body of the knight you thought you knew. And I have found your sacred casket, and it now belongs to me." I set my foot on the cardboard box like an emperor stepping off his ship onto new land. "You have no choice but to fight me."

Franklin thought only for a second before falling back into the game.

"You shall never have our sacred casket, demon! And I shall free my fellow knight from your possession!"

He dove at me sword outstretched, and I met his sword with my own. There was no neat clash of metal, just a dull thunk of smacking wood. We both hit hard. After a few strong hits, which sent Franklin darting backward, I turned and ran, scooping up the cardboard box, looking back to swipe Franklin every few feet. He was putting up a good fight. This was definitely one of the best Knights games we'd ever played.

But when you're playing Knights in the woods, you have to be careful of these things all at once: where you swing your sword, that you don't drop your treasure, and that you look where you're going.

It's not hard to guess which one I forgot.

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