That Kiss

One birthday party. One dark back garden. One kiss that was not supposed to happen.

What did I just do?
My name is Scarlett Croftwell. My sister is Orla Croftwell.
It's her party and i think I just made the biggest mistake in my life.
I just kissed Liam Jones. But this wasn't just a kiss with any boy this was a kiss with LIAM JONES!!! Tall, athletic and extremely cute.
Oh... Did i mention... Liam Jones is my sister's boyfriend.


2. Washing machine syndrome or what?

I opened the door and ,what a surprise,on the door step was Liam. My sister pushed in front of me.

"Hey babe. Glad you could make it," my sister said.

" Like I would've missed it!" Liam replied.

" So, where's my present?" Orla asked, twirling her hair.

" Oh yeah I nearly forgot," and thats when he took her hand and pulled her in. Well, she seemed to like the present. I rolled my eyes.

" Washing machine syndrome or what?" I said to my 'busy' sister. But as usual I was completely ignored. She was otherwise engaged. That's when the doorbell rang and since Orla was already enjoying her party I opened it.

" Georgia! At last some normal company!" I said. Georgia was my best friend. We shared everything: secrets, snacks, gossip and clothes.

" Hey Scarlett. Where's Orla?" Georgia asked.

" She's getting into the spirit of things," I replied. Georgia looked over my shoulder.

" Ah, yes, I see." She laughed.

" You look great by the way," I told her and it was true she did. She was wearing a one-shouldred purple chiffony dress, it had one long sleeve and it was accessorised with simple wedges and a silver bracelet. Her shoulder length blonde hair was sporting a silver hairband. Her eyes were the colour of the sky. She would be beautiful whatever she wore. She could walk down the street wearing a bin bag and it wouldn't matter.

" Thanks, same to you!" she replied with her natural cheeriness.

" Thank you, come on in!" I  said.

Georgia walked into our house and gasped. I had to admit, it looked pretty damb good. A disco ball hung from the middle of the room and it casted a partyish light over the room. The DJ was getting his equipment ready. The room was dark. Great. I'll probably spend half the night walking into people then, I thought. A table was set up with snacks on the left side of the room. Georgia wandered over and picked up a handful of crisps and stuffed them in her mouth. I laughed.

" What?" she asked (at least that's what I think she asked).

" You hungry?" I laughed.

" Uh-huh!" she nodded.

Despte Georgia's neat and tidy exterior she was messy and she ate like a pig. Trust me I've been in her room. That's when the doorbell rang again. Georgia squealed.

" Party time!" she said excitedly.

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