That Kiss

One birthday party. One dark back garden. One kiss that was not supposed to happen.

What did I just do?
My name is Scarlett Croftwell. My sister is Orla Croftwell.
It's her party and i think I just made the biggest mistake in my life.
I just kissed Liam Jones. But this wasn't just a kiss with any boy this was a kiss with LIAM JONES!!! Tall, athletic and extremely cute.
Oh... Did i mention... Liam Jones is my sister's boyfriend.



Me and Georgia went to answer the door. Orla still had her tounge down Liam's throat.

I opened the door. It was Freya, Orla's best friend.

" Hey Scarlett! You look great! Where's Orla?" She asked.

"Where do you think?" I said. I looked pointedly over at Liam and Orla. Freya laughed.

"Surprise, surprise!" she laughed. she walked over to Orla. "Um, hello! Birthday girl? Its me your BEST FRIEND. You could spread glandular fever kissing like that!" Freya told her. Orla and Liam broke apart.

"Freya! Hi! Glad you could make it!" Orla said.

"Here's your prezzie!" Freya said and handed over a small box. Orla gave it a small shake, and opened it.

"Omigod Freya! It's beautiful....I-I I don't know what to say!" Orla replied.

I leaned over and looked at her prezzie.

"OMG Freya its gorgeous!" I exclaimed. Inside the box was a charm bracelet. It had a red diamante heart hanging from it. "I wish my friends gave me presents like that!" I say, "And that is a hint to you Georgia!" I say turning around to look at her, "My last present was a Sombrero!" I say.

Georgia tries to keep a straight face. "That was an authntic Spanish Sombrero my friend! You are offending the noble people of Spain by dissing their headgear! I should really-" I cut Georgia off by stuffing some cheese and onion crisps in her gob. The doorbell starts to ring again...and a horde of people pile through the door.

"This is more like it!" Orla shouts over the pounding music that is blasting out of the DJ's speakers. How Orla persuaded Mum and Dad to get her a DJ I will never know. I can hardly get a measly fiver out of them when I need new lippy.

Me and Georgia are dancing like we've never danced before. We look damn good. Georgia gets distracted by the profiterole tower and suddenly I'm left alone. I stand in the middle of the room when I feel a hand on my elbow.

"Hey! You looked lonely! Dance with me!" Liam says. I look over at Orla. She's too busy admiring a handstitched photo album to mind. So i dance with him. Liam's wearing a blue and green checked shirt and ripped jeans. He's still wearing his old trusty converses. His dark curly hair is getting a little long and his eyes are piercing blue. I can see why Orla likes him.

"Good party!" he shouts.

"Yeah," I reply.

"It's awfully hot!" he shouts again, "Wanna' go outside?" he asks.

I nod and I follow him out into the garden.

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