That Kiss

One birthday party. One dark back garden. One kiss that was not supposed to happen.

What did I just do?
My name is Scarlett Croftwell. My sister is Orla Croftwell.
It's her party and i think I just made the biggest mistake in my life.
I just kissed Liam Jones. But this wasn't just a kiss with any boy this was a kiss with LIAM JONES!!! Tall, athletic and extremely cute.
Oh... Did i mention... Liam Jones is my sister's boyfriend.


5. It's not like it meant anything...

What the hell am i doing?

I should stop.

But I don't.

I'm snogging Liam. Orla's boyfriend. Orla, my big sister, the person I love so much. But still I don't shove him away. It feels so good, so impossibly good.

Seriously, what the hell am I doing? I see Orla's face in my head and guilt runs through my veins. I pull away from Liam and look at him. His face reflects shock and confusion which is what I know he'll be seeing in mine. I shake my head and stumble away from him.

"Scarlett, I -" Liam starts, reaching out

I shake my head and put my hand over my mouth. I turn away from him and run inside. Georgia pounces on me as soon as I set foot inside.

"Where have you been? Why did you leave me by myself? Wait, what's wrong?" she asks hurriedly.

I shake my head and turn my features into something that I hope resembles a smile. "Nothing," I say, "I just went outside for some air." Just then Liam walks inside running his hand through his hair. I can't help my heart skipping a beat or two. He shoots me a fleeting look full of regret and guilt and makes his way over to Orla. She smiles and throws an arm around his shoulder. He gives her a weak smile and plants a kiss on her cheek.

Georgia frowns at me. She looks from me to Liam then back to me. "What was that all about?" she asks.

"Nothing," I say, pouring myself a glsss of punch.

"I wouldn't touch that if I were you, it tastes funny. Someone's spiked it for sure. Orla's got a taste for it I think," Georgia smiles.

I put the glass down and head to the kitchen for a glass of water instead. We jump up onto the kitchen counter. I open the cupboard and chuck Georgia a bag of malteasers. She grins and starts munching away.

"You still staying for a sleepover right?" I ask.

"You bet I am!" she says through a mouth full of malteasers.

I smile.

"What's wrong Scar? Seriously!" Georgia asks, clearly worried.

I look away hastily, "Nothing, I swear!"

"You expect me to believe that? I'm not totally thick!" she replies.

I give her a look. "You not thick? Ha!"

"Oi you!" Georgia chucks a malteser at me. I catch it in my mouth and grin. She rolls her eyes and laughs.

"Georgia?" I ask.


"How are you so perfect?" I burst out.

Georgia laughs. "I'm not perfect, you are."

"I'm far from perfect," I say and the guilt starts to eat me up.

"What is it, what's happened?" she pleads.

I pause to arrange my answer.

"Nothing happened. Absoloutely nothing," I reply quietly.


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