That Kiss

One birthday party. One dark back garden. One kiss that was not supposed to happen.

What did I just do?
My name is Scarlett Croftwell. My sister is Orla Croftwell.
It's her party and i think I just made the biggest mistake in my life.
I just kissed Liam Jones. But this wasn't just a kiss with any boy this was a kiss with LIAM JONES!!! Tall, athletic and extremely cute.
Oh... Did i mention... Liam Jones is my sister's boyfriend.


4. Accidental

Orla has lined the garden with fairy lights and a few stray couples line the gardens with their tounges down each others throats. I have this forbidden thought that i wish Liam was kissing me, but I push this thought out of my head. He's my sister's boyfriend for god's sake! What am I doing? I ask myself but then I think, "what harm can it do, we're just having a breather!". Suddenly it became awkward.

"'s school going?" Liam asks.

"School? You're talking to me about school?!" Good, I sound confident. Liam laughs.

"Ok then, have you got a boyfriend?" he asks. I blush. Could I be wrong or do I catch Liam blushing too.

"No." I get out a pratically inaudible sentence.

"Good," Liam replys. I widen my eyes. How is that good? A boyfriend is what I long for! Someone to hug me everyday, someone who's hand will encase mine. Someone that I can love, whole heartedly. It's a cold night and unconsciously me and Liam have moved closer together.

He's leaning towards me.

What is he doing?

Is he...?

No...he wouldn't!

He is!

He's going to kiss me.

And he does.

My sister's boyfriend is kissing me...and i'm kissing him back.


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