That Kiss

One birthday party. One dark back garden. One kiss that was not supposed to happen.

What did I just do?
My name is Scarlett Croftwell. My sister is Orla Croftwell.
It's her party and i think I just made the biggest mistake in my life.
I just kissed Liam Jones. But this wasn't just a kiss with any boy this was a kiss with LIAM JONES!!! Tall, athletic and extremely cute.
Oh... Did i mention... Liam Jones is my sister's boyfriend.


1. Oops

What did I just do? That kiss was not supposed to happen. Why oh why did I kiss Liam Jones. And it wasn't even a friendly peck. It was a full blown snog. And it was with LIAM JONES!!! Tall, athletic and extremely cute, and then there was me. Long ringletty brown hair, boring hazel eyes and pale skin. No straight blonde hair, no baby blue eyes and no golden brown tan. Definately not a girl that Liam Jones would like. So why were we snogging in my back garden. My sister has a boyfriend but it can't have been difficult.. She's tall and slim. She has long ringletty hair, like me, but what a surprise it always seems to look amazing on her. Her boyfriend's name is......Liam. Liam Jones. Oops.


" I am soooo excited Scarlett. It's gonna be A-MA-ZING!" Orla told me as she brushed glittery blusher across her cheekbones.

I grinned. " Of course! You planned it!" I laughed. Orla giggled.

" It better be! I invited nearly all of our year, even McKenzie Harper," Orla said.

I turned and gaped at her. " No way Orla. McKenzie Harper, your year! Please no! He's a total ned!"

" Haha! Calm down Scarlett, of course i didn't invite McKenzie! Who do you think I am!" Orla laughed.

" A psycho with a blusher brush!" I giggled.

"We only have 1 hour to get ready!" Orla panicked.

" Awwwwww. You wanna look pretty for Liam cause you luuuurrrrve him," I teased.

" Yeah so?" Orla asked.

" You love him, you wanna hug him, you wanna kiss him, you wanna-" I sang.

" Shut up Scarlett! I'm going to get ready," Orla said.

" For Liam!" I teased.

" For the party. My birthday party! You're lucky you're even invited," Orla told me.

" Ok Ok I'm going to get ready," I said.

" Ok me too," Orla said and with that I left her room.

When I walked into my room I headed straight for my wardrobe. My hands closed around the cold metal handles and I opened the doors. I ran my fingers along the many different materials until i came across my outfit:midnight blue and strapless, gathered at the waist and stops just before my knees. I slipped it on and zipped up the back. I smoothed the fabric of my dress and turned around. I bent down and picked up my sparkly black heels and slipped them on. My fingers fumbled on the buckle for a second but then they were fastened and I was ready I looked in the mirror. My hair cascaded past my shoulders in it's usual ringlets but it glittered when it hit the light. My make-up enhanced my face: sparkly pink lip-gloss, black eyeliner, mascara and pink glittery blusher. For once I looked alright. I stepped into the hallway and walked down the stairs. My sister was waiting there. She was wearing a black glitter bodycon dress with skyscraper high, silver heels. Her hair sparkled too. What a surprise she looked beautiful.

" You look amazing!" I told her.

"Thank you, but have you looked in the mirror yourself. You're beautiful!" Orla told me.

The doorbell rang.

Our first guest had arrived.




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