the mysterious door

there is a girl that her parents don't care about her so much. and she lost a dear friend when she was a kid and try to save her from a curse


2. two



I Sat on Gilda’s car. Palace was so far. I thought to myself that we had to arrive in the morning.

It was quite nobody spoke even if they did I didn’t feel like answering so I was happy about that.

But my happiness didn’t last much longer “does your mom know? That you’re not home? You know…”

I thought if I tell the truth he would tell my mother and if I don’t he would let slip about it.

I looked at Gilda. She turned her face to me and looked meaningfully which it meant trust him and tell the truth.

So I said “No”

Suddenly the car had stopped. And he turn and looked at me “What?...” he said.

“No” I repeated. “she doesn’t know and I don’t what her to know” I said confidently. “Please don’t tell her anything” I begged.

He sighs “Okay. I won’t tell her anything”

. I saw from his face that He was angry from me.

“I’m sorry”, I said.


He was looking at me in the rear-view mirror, all the time.

I was midnight. It was so dark outside. But we could see lights of palace.

Gilda’s dad had stopped looking at me. I was in my 

Own thoughts while I was looking outside when Gilda’s dad said, “We arrived”

We came out of car that, “hey” Gilda’s dad griped my arm, “don’t worry I won’t tell her anything so be happy and enjoy”

I smiled. Then he turned to me and Gilda, “take care”

“Okay dad” Gilda said. “Goodbye” we both said

“Goodbye” he smiled and went. And fade away.

Gilda turned to me and said, “Ready?”

I signed, “Yep, let’s go”

And we went toward the gate.

There were two soldiers there. We expect them to don’t let us go to palace. But they were just standing there. After we stopped looking them, I opened the door of the gate while I was looking them. I turned and I saw Gilda was still standing there

And stared at something or somewhere. I tried to understand where she was looking.

She was looking through the darkness. Someone was coming. Surely it was woman we could see from her skirt and the way o walking. She was coming toward us.

“Oh my god!” Gilda whispered.

“God!”I couldn’t speak my mouth was lock. It was impossible.

“Rosa!”Gilda and I said finally.

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