the mysterious door

there is a girl that her parents don't care about her so much. and she lost a dear friend when she was a kid and try to save her from a curse


3. three


Rosa, my dearest friend when Gilda and I were 10 or less.

We used to play next to their house near the river, next to the woods. When we were 10 she went to woods by her own gilda and I tried to stop but she didn’t stop she went to the woods and never came back. We asked for help but no one went after her they said that there was so dangerous. The people were so cowered even her parent no adult wanted to save her after two or three years day let it go everybody forgot her.

She had olive color hair   and green eyes. She was extremely beautiful.


“No! I may look like her but no, I’m not Rosa. My name is Helena and … nice to meet you.” She stuck out her hand. Gilda looked at me and shook hand with Helena and I did the same. And we became friends with her so easily.

She was so nice and kind.

“I really look like Rosa. You are in shock I know. Maybe you ask why? She was my aunt…”

“Wait! Was? It means she is dead. It means she didn’t survive” I said hopelessly.

Helena looked at us. “You don’t do you?”

“Well we know she went to woods and never came back.” Gilda said.

“No. I didn’t mean that” Helena told us. “So it got harder. Look I’m going to show your room. You two need to rest. Tomorrow I will explain everything.”

We followed her to our room. Finally after lots of left and right she opened a door, which it was for our room. The room was extremely beautiful. Everything was from wood with lots of beautiful carving on all of them of everything.

There were barberry colors Counterpane with red curtains.

Two big beds is each corner. A closet and a toilette with flower carving at each top of them.

“Enjoy!” Helena told us. And closed the door. The minuet the door had been closed Gilda and I ran toward the beds and jumped and lay on it. It was the most comfortable bed I ever saw in my whole life it was so good.

I couldn’t believe we were supposed to sleep there for 4 nights.

“Wow!” gilda signs. “It is good, really good! Isn’t it?”

“It’s more than good.”I said. “Can you… can you believe it? We are in a best room in the world and we saw Rosa’s nice that is completely like herself. I mean , yes, we saw Rosa when she was 10 and she supposed to be 16  right now and should have changed but Helena is completely like when Rosa was 10 no changes! How?!”

“I don’t know! You’re right. Something tells me here it’s not normal. You know she is like her doppelganger and they not exist in real life. I mean they are …”


“Yeah. That’s why I say here is not normal. It’s dangerous.”

It was the first time a saw Gilda’s mind was working. She always just cared about enjoyment not anything else. She was different, When she was talking to me.

“We have to go.” gilda said.

“But how? Do you remember how we came here?”I said.

She shacked her head yes.

“You are joking. It was the h…”

“The first time I saw her I had a feeling about her, a bad feeling because of her … you know… because of that I was really careful and memorized every places we went?”

“When do you want to do it?”

“now!”she acted devil. She was naughty.

“I’m in.” I acted naughty too.

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