the mysterious door

there is a girl that her parents don't care about her so much. and she lost a dear friend when she was a kid and try to save her from a curse


4. four


“Since when you become so smart?” I said.

“Was it a wisecrack?” she glared at me.

“No! It wasn’t. Just curios. how did you…..”

“Know the way?”


She raised her eyebrows “Trust, just follow me.”

She whispered.

She opened the door of somewhere.

“I trust you. Just you were always ….”


“Well. I didn’t want to say like that but ….

“You’re right. so do you want to get away ?”

“Get away from where?”

We jumped and turned suddenly.

“Who are you?” gilda asked.

“Someone who Helena asked me to keep my eyes on you.”

“Sorry, but we were going to have something to drink.” Gilda said as cool as a cucumber.

“I didn’t sound like that. Listen little misses here is castle not your house if you want something you have to wait till breakfast.”

“Listen little man A: little misses is you B: houses C: my friend and I are dying of thirst .D: move over before somebody does.”

I couldn’t believe it. I might cool in the outside but in the inside I was completely shocked.

“You are coring your limitations little misses!”

“No you are. We are supposed to be your guests not your poppies. You cannot treat us like that.” I said.

“What is going on here, Blake?”It was Helena’s voice came from shadows. “What you two doing here? What’s going on?”

“This two little girls… .”

“Don’t call us that!!” Gilda snapped at him.

“Yeah! Whatever, wanted to go to the kitchen have some water.” He smiled.

“Why?” Helena looked at us.

“What? why we just wanted some water?” gilda said.

“It didn’t seem like that. you wanted to run way.”

“why we should do that? Here is so fun.”

“anyway you had to ask someone”

“Why you make a big deal out of a glass of water?” I said.

“Cause you are not supposed to go there.”

She said. “Now go to your room I will bring you two glass of water.”

She kept staring at us for seconds.

We left to our room.

“Why ? is there any problem with water?” Gilda asked.

“I don’t think so. I think it is the kitchen.”

“No! I mean what problem it could be.”

“I think it’s.”

“Yeah. Whatever. Good night.”

“Hey guys. I brought you water.” Helena said. “Look! I’m sorry for my behavior earlier.”

“Oh yeah. Aammmm….. Thank you.” I smiled.

“Good night”


I went to bed. Wow it was so comfortable. I slept the moment a laid on it.

I woke up. It was cold. I heard sound of wind. There was no opened window in the room. The room was pitching dark. I couldn’t see anything. I came out of bed. I saw a light. It was from out of the room. The door was open. I went through it to close it. Suddenly I felt a     wind. I went down stairs. It was the kitchen’s door was open. The door was moving. I went to kitchen. It was a hole in a closet which it was open. It was a light in the hole. I went toward the hole. The wind was from the hole it was nothing behind it. I went in it I passed the hole it felt grass under my feet.

I could see. It was the castle in front of me. I went into cantle. Finally I’ve arrived I opened the door. I saw a person in stairs.

“Who are you?”


I ignored him there was a big door there at the corner which it wasn’t in the castle.

I opened it there were two doors at the left side. I don’t know what happened that I passed the first door and stopped at the second one and opened the door. It was an old woman lying on the bed of webs. 

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