the mysterious door

there is a girl that her parents don't care about her so much. and she lost a dear friend when she was a kid and try to save her from a curse


1. one





That was weird. Maybe it was a joke from boys’ of town. How it was possible cause I wasn’t an important person; I wasn’t reach and high class, well I wasn’t that poor. I was normal person in a normal town and in a normal house.

I was sixteen I lived with my parents. Well my dad was in business trip. He seldom came home. Maybe one or twice a month just for two or three days but that meant lot for me.

My mom really didn't care for me and lived like I didn’t even exist. She was at her friend’s house partying even she hadn’t any party to go she went out shopping for her-self.

Oh!  I was telling you about that weird thing, which it was a letter from palace. It said that I was invited for a day before ball and I could stay for 3 days or more.

But why me?


I heard something it was a door knocking actually I knew it was my mom. Even if she became happy or sad or angry I had to hide it I put the letter under my mattress and went down stairs and open the door.

She was s tired that she even couldn’t say “Hey” to me just went toward the couch and laid on it.

I closed the door went to my room lay on my bed in the corner. In one hand I was happy but in the other hand I was worried and had stressed.

I remember it was a ball there and I didn’t have any ball dress. But... My mom had lots of them. She didn’t even think of to give at least was of them to me so I had to still them.

I decided to forget it by reading book and listen to music. I picked David Copperfield but I couldn’t concentrate. I throw it away suddenly I had an idea my mom was sleeping and it was a really good time to pick or better to say steal the clothes.

I went to her room and opened her closes and pick some dresses that was somehow in my size and put them In a plastic. I took a shower and wore my best dress and came to down stairs so carefully and without making and noise I opened the door and I saw someone that I shouldn’t have seen.

Gilda. She is my best friend and kindest person I’ve ever seen and my one and only friend. She has golden her that matches with her name with a white skin and shiny golden eyes.

The moment she wanted to talk a shout her mouth by put my hand in her mouth and I closed the door quietly and took my hand of her mouth.

 “Why do you put your hand on my” she said angrily “I was going to say an awesome news”

“Say it right now then I will tell you why?” I said.

“Okay. Listen carefully. It was morning between ten or eleven when I saw a letter in the mailbox…”

“wowowo….wait” I said “you received a letter like me?”

She was shocked well I was shocked too.

“Wow” she said sadly.

“Yeah wow” I said.

Suddenly she said really happily” so come with it is more fun”

“Thanks god I even couldn’t imagine going there by walking” I thought.

Hey my dad won’t tell anything to your mom”

I though whatever happens it’s better than walking in the woods”

So I said “Okay”

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