Magic Box (an adapted version)

This is my first post on Movellas and I'm not quite ready to write full on masterpieces so this is a poem I wrote a while ago. It's an adaptation of the poem The Magic Box by Kit Wright. Like I said, it was a few years ago but hey, here goes. :)


1. I Shall Put In My Box...

I shall put in my box...

A rose from the deep, raging seas,

The moonlit water, dancing around,

A perfect sight from the crystal sky, down to an Earth of hatred.


I shall put in my box...

A pauper shopping

And a king begging.


I shall put in my box...

The sweet smell of summer,

The care and love of another world

And petite lambs leaping.


My box is made from the sun of a fifth season,

The hinges are of ice,

Found in the 25th hour of February’s 30th day.


My box shall stay hidden,

Hidden 'till the day,

The day I die...

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