Sugar we're going down

Fall out boy are on tour, they are in their home city Illinois and they run into some old enemies who threaten to sabotage their show.

Patrick bumps into an Ex who wants him back, but she only wants him for the money.
Pete has to face his oldest enemy who ruined him prom night.
Andy and Joe come across an army of fans who think they are selling out.
One tour, Three weeks, Four boys.
Will FOB resolve their problems or will they forever feel regret from the the past?


4. Treacherous roads ahead - Patrick

As I enter the cafe, I see a familiar face, it was a girl's face. Her name is Jenna, I dated her in High School, and if i recall, I dumped her, I don't think there is an option for this to end well.

She looked up, I looked down.

''Oh My God!''

Please be a crazed fan, please be a crazed fan.

''Patrick, is that you?''

My life is over.

''Yeah it is, do I know you?'' nice, play it cool.

''OMG yeah, it's me, Jenna, we dated in High School?''

''Ooooh yeah! Hi Jenna, long time no see!''

''Wow, it seems like it was just yesterday, doesn't it?''

''Gee, yeah i know right''

''So how are you?''

''I'm brilliant thank you, i'm on tour with my band, actually.''

''REALLY? OMG THATS AWESOME!'' whilst Jenna fan-girl'd  over me I ordered a sandwich.

''Yeah, it is. Look I've gotta go now, maybe i'll see ya round?'' i vow never to see her again, I did dump her for a reason y'know.

''Why don't we meet up tommorow?''

''Uhhh... That'd be great but I dunno If I can, oh well, c'ya'!''

She made a sort of dissapointed grunt as I left the cafe, at least that was over.

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