Sugar we're going down

Fall out boy are on tour, they are in their home city Illinois and they run into some old enemies who threaten to sabotage their show.

Patrick bumps into an Ex who wants him back, but she only wants him for the money.
Pete has to face his oldest enemy who ruined him prom night.
Andy and Joe come across an army of fans who think they are selling out.
One tour, Three weeks, Four boys.
Will FOB resolve their problems or will they forever feel regret from the the past?


3. Shopping for Luck - Patrick

I was meeting Pete at 'Rock 'n' Jazzers'' and it was raining, i took about $50 with me and on the way out of the hotel I grabbed a umbrella from the main desk, I got outside and as soon as the revolving door stopped spinning, a taco truck drove past and threw a whole puddle in my face, looks like today is going to get wet, very wet.

I had reached the store but Pete wasn't here, I was thinking of calling him to see where he was but then I saw him walking down the road, I waved. ''Hey dude!'' I called. Pete was soaked too.

''Hey man,'' he said as he approached ''Some douche in a taco truck just soaked me.''

''Yeah man same, it sucks, here's an umbrella by the way'' I handed him the umbrella

''Thanks man''

We walked inside the store.

''So what you getting?''

''I'm buying some picks and some tab books, then imma grab a sandwich from that cafe down the street, what about you?''

''I'm getting a new practice amp, i bust my old one''

''oh yeah'' 

we paid for our stuff and left, Pete was going to target and i ran off to get a sandwich.

I needed to get indoors anyway so it was cool. 

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