Sugar we're going down

Fall out boy are on tour, they are in their home city Illinois and they run into some old enemies who threaten to sabotage their show.

Patrick bumps into an Ex who wants him back, but she only wants him for the money.
Pete has to face his oldest enemy who ruined him prom night.
Andy and Joe come across an army of fans who think they are selling out.
One tour, Three weeks, Four boys.
Will FOB resolve their problems or will they forever feel regret from the the past?


1. Home - Patrick

''music is what moves me, but I don't think anyone wants to read about that. i think the only reason that you don't know much about me is because I don't really care about me. I'm not an interesting story.'' - Patrick Stump, Fall out Boy.

It was a rush, me and the guys were going on tour, and our first stop was our home, Illinois. I was so Excited, i would get to see where i went to school and the places i went, i might even get to see some old friends. Only i'm only looking at the bright side of things, i'm not going to think about the bad things, cause' then i'll feel like crap. I want to stay in a good mood, because i was on tour, if i god sad i might get nervous on stage and i don't want that, oh hell no.

We had been flying for 4 hours and we were almost there, one more hour to go. 

''Hey Pete?'' i leaned over to Pete.

''Yeah dude, what is it?'' he replied

''Are you nervous?i mean, were going home!''

''Only a little, I've just been thinking about the good things, i'm trying to avoid the bad stuff...''


''Well what if we see someone who we went to school with? That'd be sweet''

''Yeah, it would.''

''Yo dude, Joe and Andy are asleep, lets wake em' up, were almost there''


''WHOOP!'' shouted Pete.

''Jeez man! you scared the crap outta' me'' moaned Joe, still half asleep.


It was 10' o'clock at night, we has reservations for a hotel that was near the hotel, so on the way back i read a book, I had almost finished it already, I was on Chapter 12 of a 13 chapter book, so i wouldn't be entertained long but it was okay for now, Pete and the other three boys were asleep, so i couldn't talk to them. Back at the hotel the guys went straight to bed, so i decided i would too, it was late anyway, we had two days before our first gig in Illinois so we could explore, and i have a feeling i know where i'll go...


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